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Yvan De Munck

Yvan De Munck is a Managing Director with Carillon Capital, LLC. Prior to joining Carillon, he was a Managing Director at R.W. Pressprich and a Principal at Eaglewood Capital Management. While at Eaglewood, he focused on and pioneered in Marketplace Lending and other alternative finance strategies for qualified investors and other institutions. Previously, he ran sales and trading desks at Swedbank, KBC and Fortis, and he has over 15 years sales and marketing experience in the securities industry. He is also the publisher of Marketplace Lending (R)evolution, the first and free online magazine dedicated to developments in the p2p and online lending industry. 
And then there was LC … A watershed moment it was indeed, that Lending Club ($LC) IPO. Marketed with an initial $10-12 price range, upping the range to $12-14 during the roadshow,
When online lending opportunity knocks, better to open that door fast! On March 11th in London, the alternative finance (AltFi) in-crowd gathered at the first European focused event, examining the
I recall reading the then pretty revolutionary book “The Death of Distance” by The Economist journalist Frances Cairncross in 1997.  Published 10 years before the first iPhone the