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Winsor Hoang

If you've ever told anyone you're a trader, most likely you've been met with two types of responses: a sense of intrigue or skeptical criticism. It happens in virtually all fields that
When you enter the Forex trading ring it is very similar to entering the sparring ring in martial arts and Forex trading both deal with technique. A trader may not see themselves as combative or
Do you have confirmation/hindsight bias? Many traders will believe that their skills, and techniques are crafted from years of analysis, but the reality is few traders go out of their way to
“Anyone can do it!” I’m sure you’ve heard or seen these words before; perhaps when you decided to become a trader you did so under the notion that anyone could do it. But
Let's be real. The goal of trading is to earn money. Traders risk their hard earned dollars in hopes of turning them into larger, hard earned dollars. Compounding is largely considered as a
The comparison between trading and gambling is not a new one. Where there is money and risk involved, the correlation is bound to sneak into the conversation. A Forex trader can develop an
There are few things that can make a grown person as worked up and emotional as trading. Gaining money gives the trader a rush, a boost of confidence, and a feeling of achievement. Loss on the