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Scott Purcell

CEO and Chief Trust Officer, Prime Trust

Scott Purcell is the CEO and Chief Trust Officer of Prime Trust, the technology-driven trust company. His firm provides custody, trustee, escrow, AML, KYC, payment processing, accounting, and compliance for numerous OTC desks, exchanges, stablecoins, platforms, broker-dealers, investment advisers, portals and others who are building businesses that are changing the world. Prior to forming Prime Trust, Mr. Purcell founded FundAmerica, a financial technology firm providing software and back office services to banks, trust companies, broker- dealers, investment advisers, securities exchanges, SEC registered transfer agents, and large issuers (primarily real estate companies). He is a founding Board member of the Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Association (CFIRA) the “Industry Best Practices for Funding Portals” and “BD and Registered Portal Regulatory Mechanics”. He also started a fixed income trading firm, a clearing broker for institutional investors and published a book “The Guide to Fixed Income Investing”.
The proposed changes would provide a more rational framework, eliminate complexity and increase access to capital.
Yes, the tax code can be complicated, but the law on paying taxes is very simple.