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Jonathan Burklund

Jonathan, a finance geek and Wall Street historian, brings more than 30 years of investment banking and teaching experience to The Finance Lab. Jonathan started his investment banking career in the healthcare practice of Lehman Brothers and went on to hold a number of senior investment banking positions at other middle-market Wall Street firms including Prudential Securities, River Capital Partners and Ladenburg Thalmann. Jonathan has completed over 200 transactions throughout his career and has been published on healthcare issues in Modern Healthcare and Radiology Business Journal. Jonathan graduated with distinction from the Chase Manhattan Credit Training Program and taught it for a year. He earned his B.S. in Finance and Management with honors from Northeastern University and is a three-time Ironman.
This article provides: (i) an overview of blockchain (the technology that enables crypto), (ii) a history and description of Bitcoin, and (iii) my opinion of Bitcoin as a storehold of value.
Examining the impact of the program that pulled the global economy from the abyss.