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Jim Trippon

As the founder of Trippon Financial Publishing, Jim has been called a maverick who has dedicated his investment career to helping investors make smarter financial and stock selection decisions. He is an internationally recognized expert on global and value investing, and has a deep passion for finding hidden value in global equity markets.
Although the existence of an Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 hasn’t even been confirmed by Apple, and rumors suggest it wouldn’t be due out in China until late summer or the fall anyway—and Apple’s
As natural gas prices fell to their ten-year lows, scraping beneath the $2 per MMBtu spot price level, with the oversupply glut the source of consternation among US commodity investors, the story
The recently reported flash PMI for China factories indicates that industrial activity may be seeing the end of the slowdown. The Markit report used by HSBC is a preliminary one, which is to be