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Grant Williams

“How could it happen, Grandad?” The old man’s eyes misted over as he looked down at his grandson, who sat at his feet, his young eyes alive with questions as he turned the heavy
On Halloween, the Bank of Japan did something truly scary. As shocks go, this one — though it had been fairly well-telegraphed to the markets that something wicked this way might
This week’s TTMYGH is going to be a little different. After several weeks on the road and staring down a couple more, I am going to make an attempt to turn the presentation I have been
Now the news has arrived From the Valley of Vail That a Chippendale Mupp has just bitten his tail Which he does every night before shutting his eyes Such nipping sounds silly. But, really,
Yes. I have read it. For the last couple of weeks those have been the five words I have used the most — by a country mile. The second most-used five-word combination during that time
Sometimes the sand shifts beneath your feet without your realizing it. Other times you can see it happening.  In November 1975, at a summit meeting in the picturesque Château de
   (Marina Lewycka): Public clashes between Ukrainians and Russians in the main square in Sevastopol. Ukrainians protesting at Russian interference; Crimean Russians demanding the