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George Friedman

George’s unmatched analysis in geopolitics has led him to regularly brief military organizations and consult for Fortune 100 executives. Seeing the need to bring geopolitical forecasting to a wider audience, George has authored several New York Times bestsellers, including The Next 100 Years. He also founded the geopolitical intelligence consulting firm Stratfor in 1996 and is now the founder and chairman of the geopolitical forecasting service, Geopolitical Futures. Born in Hungary in 1949 to Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust and horrors of WWII, George Friedman witnessed a devastated Europe. In an effort to escape communism, his family fled to a refugee camp in Austria before immigrating to the United States. Determined to discover those principles of logic that govern the world, George received his PhD in government from Cornell University, granting him access to some of the most brilliant thinkers in the field… in the US and across the globe.
It goes without saying that economic growth is preferable to stagnation or decline, but not all the marks of the 2008 crash have been wiped away.