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Etienne Moshevich

Etienne Moshevich is the editor of, the world’s premier junior market newsletter. Moshevich is also the President of Transcend Resource Group, an investor relations company based in Vancouver, B.C. specializing in exposing undervalued companies to the market place. He has a great ability to get in touch with prospective investors and has developed a large contact base of retail and institutional investors around the world. With a degree in economics, Moshevich has helped finance many successful mining, oil and gas, technology and biotech companies over the years, many of which have returned shareholders substantial returns. Through his newsletter,, Moshevich has been able to feature companies that have returned subscribers over double digit gains by picking out the very best in management teams, projects and capital structures. Moshevich can be reached at [email protected] or the website
Dear Investors,   “When there’s blood on the streets… it’s time to buy assets at massive discounts!” I know I’ve mentioned this saying a few times before,
The biotech sector is a fast growing market opportunity for investors, especially those with a taste for high risk and long-term views. Biotechnology is the technological application of modifying