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Deron Wagner

Deron Wagner is a professional hedge fund manager who founded Morpheus Trading Group, a trader education firm, in 2002. He teaches his proven trading methodology and shares his top stock and ETF picks through his Wagner Daily swing trading newsletter (available at
Many traders and investors have been looking for an explanation of why stocks have been so choppy and indecisive in recent weeks. While one could easily point to a raft of geopolitical factors
As a technical swing trader whose trading strategy is based on following the dominant trend of the market, I am not bothered when the stock market shifts direction to the downside because my
Since my last column, where I analyzed key support levels in the main stock market indexes, broad market conditions have deteriorated significantly. Now, all five of the main stock market indexes
“The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” This famous quote by economist and speculator John Maynard Keynes may be appropriate in the current market environment,
One of the primary elements Morpheus Trading's methodology is a focus on sector trading. As institutional players such as mutual funds, hedge funds, and banks continually position their portfolios