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David Trainer

New Constructs leverages reliable fundamental data ( to provide unconflicted insights into the fundamentals and valuation of private and public businesses. Combining human expertise with cutting-edge machine learning (ML) technologies (featured by Harvard Business School:, the firm shines a light in the dark corners (e.g. footnotes) of hundreds of thousands of corporate financial filings to reveal critical details that drive uniquely comprehensive and independent credit and equity investment ratings, valuation models and research tools. The Journal of Financial Economics ( reveals: 1. Legacy fundamental datasets suffer from significant inaccuracies, omissions and biases. 2. Only our “novel database” enables investors to overcome those flaws and apply reliable ( fundamental data in their research. 3. Our proprietary measures of Core Earnings ( and Earnings Distortion ( materially improve stock picking and forecasting of profits. Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan are not the only institutions to write papers on the superiority of our data and research. Find more papers here ( Now, all investors, not just Wall Street insiders, can access trustworthy research on the earnings and valuation of stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. Elite money managers, advisors and institutions have relied ( on us to lower risk and improve performance since 2004. See our client testimonials ( and media coverage (
For long-term investors, now is an excellent time to buy leading businesses, with the cash flows and balance sheet to survive the downturn, at significant discounts.