Zachary Prensky $zacharyprensky

Zachary Prensky is the Managing Director of Little Bear Research. Little Bear Research is born out of the more than 16 years our principal, Zachary Prensky, has worked as both a lead investor and investment banker in emerging high growth companies both in the US and abroad. Zachary has raised capital for, invested directly, or sat on the Board of Directors of over 60 emerging market companies. Little Bear Research spotlights special situations that arise in the public markets. Identifying companies that are on the verge of completing transformative events, Zachary Prensky heads a research-focused team of professionals that seek to spot opportunities both on the long and short side. Little Bear invests its' own capital in situations that it identifies as having extremely attractive risk/reward profiles and shares the research it generates with the investing public. Sectors that Little Bear focuses its' attention on include the oil & gas, biotech and medical device markets. You can read all of our past work as well as firm press releases at our website, Little Bear accepts no fees or other payment from any market participants – our reporting is intended to be unbiased and free of influence. Little Bear strives to earn its reward off the back of its own research by taking long and short positions in equities that we cover. While we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of equity research please be aware that we trade for our own account(s) and may initiate or close positions at any time without updating our readers. All disclosures appended to research we publish is accurate only at the time of publication.