Gary C. Bizzo $GaryBizzo

Gary C. Bizzo has been a Mentor to over 1000 business leaders & entrepreneurs. He was a National Finalist in Canada’s 2014 BDC Mentorship Award & his book "How to Start a Successful Business – The First Time!” on Amazon has been nominated for the International 2014 Small Business Book Awards. Entrepreneur Magazine, said Bizzo was one of “17 Masters of Marketing & PR Entrepreneurs Can Learn From”. Bizzo is a Partner with Equifaira Advisors, Liquidity Event Planners, specialists in strategy & execution, corporate finance, capital formation & investor relations in Vancouver. London-based Richtopia listed Bizzo on the Top 200 Social Influencers in the World for 2017 and the Top 100 Philanthropists in the World for 2018.