SaviCorp. Recognized for Unique Achievement

Brittney Barrett  |

The importance of combating the issues of declining air quality and natural resource depletion rises with each day. Innumerable organizations and green companies have begun addressing the challenges posed by pollution, global warming especially, but a missing element often limits their impact potential. Among the primary problems currently facing these companies is the struggle to make green technology as fiscally attractive as it is environmentally compelling.

In addition to the encroaching environmental concerns, the global economy is slowing and many individuals and businesses are either unwilling or unable to pay more for the sake of the ecosystem. Some companies have found a way around this loop hole, able to combine saving the earth with saving money.

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Among these companies is SaviCorp. (SVMI). An innovative automotive technology company, Savi is dedicated to developing products that help vehicles help consumers to reduce potential damage to the world around them. The companyhas been recognized for its efforts on DynoValve, receiving the Emerald Award for Most Outstanding Product. The DynoValve® (gasoline) and  DynoValvePro® (diesel) are the first and only electronically controlled PCV/Crankcase Oil Recovery Emission Control Systems available.

SaviCorp focuses on creating and commercializing the most superior blow-by gas and crankcase engine emission slashing technologies available today. The recognition the DynoValve has received validates the work the company has done to reduce emissions and improve engine efficiency.  SaviCorp’s success in improving mileage and lengthening lifespan, also reduces costs for consumers, businesses, corporate, municipal, state and Federal vehicle fleets, helping it to become more attractive to buyers while contributing to the environmental cause.

The task of creating a product that is as valuable to the environment as it is to the consumer is a difficult one. There are no shortage of failed green corporations that could attest to this. The Emerald award seems to represent the unique success of the DynoValve and the value that it brings to the market.

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