​The MedTech Company That’s Fighting Obesity with 3D Printing

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We live in fascinating times. Our modern way of life has brought incredible technological advances that makes our lives simpler and more efficient than people even a few decades ago could scarcely imagine. However, a variety of complex factors in our society have also led to major problems for our environment, and at least as importantly, our own health. Obesity has steadily risen for many years in the US, to the point that more than 68.8% of adults in the US today are considered overweight or obese.

While there are certainly societal factors at play in the growing obesity epidemic, one of the hallmarks of modern society - advancements in technology - is being used by the team at BioSculpture Technology, Inc. to fight it. Dr. Robert L. Cucin, a practicing plastic surgeon who’s affiliated with The New York Downtown Hospital and is also the President and CEO of BioSculpture Technology, Inc. In a recent interview with Equities.com Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi, Cucin explained how his company is utilizing technology to make bariatric surgery safer, less invasive, and more cost-effective than ever before.

“Bariatric surgery, as it’s done right now, is basically bypass or restrictive,” Cucin explains. “So, there are a bunch of competitors, but the number of procedures has plateaued at about 220,000 a year because people are not that happy with the current alternatives. They have serious complications.”

BioSculpture Technology Inc. uses a device that allows their doctors to “take out the visceral, or belly fat inside the abdomen that causes all the problems of obesity,” according to Cucin. “So, we can do that in a way that wasn’t possible before our technology made it reasonable.”

“Lipo used to be a lot of work, a lot of effort,so we made a device to take the drudgery away,” Cucin explains. “Now, it just so happens that that particular device gives us the capability of putting it in a small incision and removing the fat inside the stomach, underneath the muscle, in the mesentery in a way that was never done before.” To put simply, “we’re taking out fat safely, in a way that it could only be cut out before.”

Rapid Tech Advances Pushing Big Changes in Bariatric Surgery

So what exactly has allowed BioSculpture Technology Inc. to reduce the invasiveness of bariatric surgery? According to Cucin, it largely comes down to the incredible recent technological advancements and their ability to take advantage of them. Cucin says that the company’s “collaborative and engineering programs allow you to make functional models, and use those exact same models in your marketing materials, and then put them out to a 3D printer...which is just, totally revolutionary.”

Just how revolutionary is this 3D printing? Think sci-fi. “It’s like the Star Trek replicator, basically,” says Cucin. “This way, you can really speed up and accelerate the design process, by having cheap versions which you can use. So, you can feel, you can see how they work, and you can see how they feel in your hand, ergonomically.”

BioSculpture Technology, Inc.’s Next Step Forward? IPO

The rapid progress in medical technology is no doubt intriguing for the millions of people suffering from obesity and related diseases. However, investors in the medical technology space have reason for excitement as well, as BioSculpture Technology, Inc. is taking advantage of new JOBS Act rules to take steps toward going public.

“The SEC qualified a Tier II Regulation A process on September 1st,” Cucin reveals. And it appears the move toward the market is only accelerating the work BioScuplture Technology, Inc. is doing. “It will facilitate a fast roll-out,” Cucin explains. “We basically have a model that we will have a working prototype, and do some clinical testing within a year. Once we’re on to those efficacy studies, and then onto insurance reimbursement, that facilitates a rapid scale-up, and putting up branded centers that can cross-sell liposuction devices, bariatric treatment devices, and offer these procedures to patients. We have both method and device patents, so it allows us to have those cross-selling branded centers.”

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