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Take A Closer Look To What’s Beneath The Surface

It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that ripped a hole in the Titanic’s hull. It was the mountain of ice beneath the water.

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The great problem with economists – most people for that matter – is that they don’t look under the hood.

It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg that ripped a hole in the Titanic’s hull, sinking the unsinkable. It was the mountain of ice beneath the water.

It wasn’t housing prices alone that raised the property market to the ground in 2007/08. It was the foundation of bad loans given to anyone with a pulse.

It’s not the one cockroach you see scurrying along the baseboards in your kitchen that you should worry about…

Neil deGrasse Tyson, the popular astrophysicist, says that 85% of the gravity of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. It’s invisible. We don’t understand it or even know what it is. But we desperately need it in our calculations to arrive at an accurate description of the universe. Without it, none of our models would work.

My wife is a psychotherapist. Professionals in her realm know that our conscious, thinking mind is just 10% to 15% of what’s going on and driving our behavior.

While we can’t change any of this – we can’t make people use more of their brain consciously and we can’t know what dark matter is – we absolutely refuse to keep the hood closed when it comes to the economy or investing. We want to know what’s going on under the surface so we can all benefit.

That’s why the team works so hard to uncover the “unseen” fundamentals that really drive our economy.

Think of it like this…

The daily news, and all the government statistics thrown at us like bananas to monkeys… it’s all just the tip of the iceberg. Just that one cockroach on the wall.

It’s interesting (or horrifying) to see, but if we don’t question it then we could go down with the rest of the passengers on the ship.

Most economists still don’t understand the unbelievable predictability and power of demographic trends that my team and I have been preaching for 30 years now. It’s all there for anyone to “see,” like the currents in the ocean, shaping the floor and moving creatures and objects around, or the wind, carving the face of the Earth.

Yet these “experts” don’t understand why we have major crashes or recessions every 10 years or so… or why every 17 years the geopolitical climate shifts… or why every 45 years we have a surge of new, lifechanging technologies.

And they don’t see the greatest and most obvious bubble right in front of them. When it bursts and we suffer through the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, they’ll cry “Black Swan!”

But then, that’s why you read us. Why you subscribed to Economy & Markets and maybe some of our other newsletters and trading services… so you can listen to the news and marvel at how they’re missing the details hidden beneath the surface while not joining the flock.

With us, you don’t have to be confused about what investments strategies to use in an increasingly volatile world. We have several – from options trading to equities investing and short selling. All you need do is pick the one that best fits your risk appetite and you’re off to the races.

However, if you want it all, you do face one problem: which investments do you add to your portfolio? You obviously can’t add every recommendation we make across all of our services.

Another problem is how much of your portfolio do you invest in each play.

Well, my long-time business partner, Rodney Johnson, has come up with a new investment model that blends the best of all of our investment recommendations into one, simple, easy to follow portfolio, including allocation sizes.

It’s called the Dent Cornerstone Portfolio. It will contain 17 equity investments, which Rodney will rebalance from time to time to ensure that your money is working for you effectively.

These 17 investments will come from Boom & Bust, Peak Income, Hidden Profits, and Cycle 9 Alert.

There is no options trading.

No short selling.

Just actively managed investments that take maximum advantage of the economic and stock market environments, before, during, and after the crash ahead.

Whether or not you subscribe to any of these investment research services, with Dent Cornerstone Portfolio, you’ll benefit from the best of ALL of them.

And you can rest easy knowing that your investments are geared to prosper from the “unseen” currents shaping our world… and survive them too.

Don’t waste your time watching the talking heads on TV. Listen to this message from Rodney now instead.

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