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Americans work now more than ever. We work in secret on our cellphones during family events. We take work home when no one asks. We work more than any country in the world. We even work more than the Japanese. We take less vacation days and retire later on average. As the digital age and connectivity climb into new uncharted areas, there is no doubt that the time we spend working will increase. So, in this world of ever never-ending email-reading, conference-calling and actionable items, what do we have? Fun. Memories. Friends. Social gatherings. And it is precisely this worldview, this philosophy that Sack Lunch Productions Inc. (SAKL) is working to nurture and grow.

Sack Lunch specializes in event production/management and film production worldwide. To put it simply, Sack lunch organizes fun events and offerings across the globe. The Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has a unique portfolio that demonstrates its commitment to engaging and innovative events that make everybody feel joyful. Here are a few as examples:

  • Slide the City™ - So, how would 3 football fields of water slides sound to you? It sounds like a good time. Well, many cities across the country have partaken in this epic event. Slide the City is a family-friendly water-party event, according to the company website, and the party comes with drinks, music and lots and lots of water.
  • Lantern Fest™ - There is something so magical and heavenly about seeing thousands of paper lanterns floating up into the night sky, and combined with music and S’mores only puts this event over the top. This event actually starts in the afternoon with music and dancing, but when the suns sets those gathered light lanterns and release them. In many cultures, lantern symbolize good fortune or the memories of a loved one.
  • Color Me Rad 5k Run– Run a marathon looking like a neon crayon? Sure. Sign me up. Color Me Rad is 3-mile run where runners get doused with colored inks and powders. The event is safe for children and looks like the most fun anyone will ever have, and is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colors.

These are just a few highlights from Sack Lunch and the events that they host around the country. Millennial's are the perfect demographic for these events because they make for great social-sharing opportunities. These events speak to a generation of people who value events and social gatherings and business has been good. The company has doubled in size in the course of 12 months and Richard Surber, the company’s CEO, was enthusiastically looking ahead to the rest of 2016, he said: “We’re now setting the stage for 2017, which will include over an estimated 200 events, representing a 100% increase over the number of events we held in 2015…We are in the final stage of fully reporting with the SEC, and create and launch new events, all of which should culminate into a record breaking year.”

Sack Lunch can generate anywhere from $80,000 to $300,000 in revenue per event and are working hard to increase attendees. These events listed above are short events that last a weekend or one day and cost attendees close to $60 each. The tickets are purchased online before the event, which allows Sack Lunch to prepare for the upcoming event properly.

The company just recently struck a deal with Razor USA, LLC to partner with them on the upcoming Trike Riot event series. The agreement allows attendees to buy the Razor DTX Drift Trike along with admission to the event for a reduced price of $105. The Razor Drift usually retails at $169.99, so this is a major discount for riders.

The company is forecasting $16.3 million in revenue for 2016. As Sack Lunch adds more and more events to the calendar those numbers will only go up and the company continues to research quality acquisitions and events that only add to an already unique portfolio. As a publicly traded company under OTC symbol (SAKL) we will start to break down the margins and profitability for this interesting Millennial barometer. Stay tuned to our upcoming Q&A with CEO Surber. Click Here to learn more about his stock and products.

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