NXT-ID (NXTD): UN-Password Patent Pushing Into Your Pocketbook

Stephen L Kanaval |

NXT-ID (NXTD) has acquired a crucial patent for its UN-Password pushing them closer to a deal with World Ventures and its Dream Trips card members. Recently NXTD finalized its acquisition of Logicmark and the company was up on news of the sale. The deal between the two companies was about the ability to mingle and share technology. If you don't believe me listen to Joey Fatone....

NXTD has an alliance with World Ventures, a company that orchestrates and offers luxury vacations to its members. The deal will allow NXTD to create a travel card that will keep customers safe as they travel abroad in a world that is becoming more and more unseemly for travelers. NXTD’s card will replace all the cards in a vacationer’s pocket. The card will minimize a traveler’s risk of identity theft and less physical cards means less things that can be stolen or lost during a busy day of travel or sightseeing. Gino Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said "This is a significant patent for our Company strengthening our core technology in secure information exchange. We intend to implement this authentication and security capability with the WorldVentures smart card, as well as other non-smart card related product ventures under development."

This most recent patent firmly puts NXTD on the path to breaking down that smart card. The invention, and NXTD does this better than anybody, allows for secure data exchange between devices that cannot be hacked. One device, say a computer software application, authenticates the other device, a smart phone, and only then is the data exchanged. The first device is essentially scanning the second for authenticity and security, keeping track of data and identifiers, and then passing along sensitive information like debit card numbers, rather than just blindly accepting the second device’s request.

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