Lomiko Technologies Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring its Innovative Spider Charger to Market

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VANCOUVER, BC / December 2, 2015 / Lomiko Metals Inc. ($LMR:CA) ($LMRMF) (FSE: DH8B) ("Lomiko") and its 100% owned subsidiary Lomiko Technologies Inc., have commenced a Kickstarter campaign to fund safety certification of the Spider Charger, an in-wall USB charging device that sets a new standard for energy efficiency and convenience for today's connected consumer.

Lomiko has already begun a 250-unit production run for the Spider Charger based on initial interest, to showcase the device to distributors and potential commercial users. Lomiko's initial market focus is North America, with residential and commercial developers and builders; schools; airport, train and bus terminals; green office buildings; and businesses such as coffee shops with a clientele that's always looking to recharge digital devices.

The Spider Charger is able to safely charge up to eight devices, six with USB connections and two with standard plugs. It works with any type of cellphone, computer, camera or other electronic device.

"The Spider Charger appeals to end users who value high energy efficiency, convenience and sleek aesthetics," said A. Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Technologies. "Our product features an easy-to-install designer-coordinated package that incorporates the latest advances in miniaturized power management technology. This puts the Spider Charger head and shoulders above bulky power bars that plug into conventional wall outlets."

The Spider Charger Kickstarter campaign

To view the campaign or support the Spider Charger, register or sign in at Kickstarter and then find and follow A. Paul Gill.

The Kickstarter campaign will raise funds to help cover the cost of obtaining safety and green standard certifications which will qualify the product for commercial use, specifically in new green buildings.

Lomiko's research has shown that a market niche exists for airport terminals, hospitals, coffee shops and office buildings for a product with multi-charging capability. Similar products are already on the market, but the Spider Charger offers the most USB ports in a conventional outlet, in addition to its unique energy saving capabilities and sleek design.

How the Spider Charger works

The Spider Charger installs flush and out of sight in place of an existing conventional wall outlet. That means it's far more elegant and discreet than plug-in alternatives. But the Spider Charger's true advantage lies in the fact that the two conventional wall receptacles remain unobstructed when using the USB ports. Unsightly and crowded wall receptacles can be a thing of the past

The Spider is also very energy efficient. With conventional USB power adapters, substantial energy is lost as waste heat. This energy loss is multiplied when many devices are plugged in, each with their own adapter. USB connectors for phone are not included and are sold separately.

The Spider Charger reduces this energy loss by eliminating the need for multiple USB power adapters that waste power even when not in use. It also slashes energy consumption, operating with up to 90 per cent efficiency when six USB devices are plugged in and charging from a single wall outlet at the same time.

"This makes the Spider Charger the ideal alternative for builders and developers concerned about achieving Energy Star and other environmental ratings, and for public places like coffee shops and schools where people are always competing for outlets to charge their devices," Gill added. "This is a convenient and safe way for multiple phones, tablets or laptops to be charged at once while reducing energy costs."

Lomiko intends to release competitively priced USB accessories and variants of the Spider Charger with additional features for the general consumer and home renovation markets once it has established traction in these commercial markets.

About Lomiko Technologies Inc.

Lomiko Technologies was established in April, 2014 and currently holds 4,396,970 shares of Graphene 3D Lab (www.Graphene3DLab.com), 40% of Graphene Energy Storage Devices (www.Graphene-ESD.com), and a license for the manufacture and sale of three innovative electronic products. Learn more at www.lomikotechnologies.com.

For more information on Lomiko, contact A. Paul Gill at 604-729-5312 or email: info@lomiko.com.

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