Jeff Kagan: Vote which wireless network and smartphone is best

Jeff Kagan: Vote which wireless network and smartphone is best

Jeff Kagan | |

Vote on which is best wireless network and best smartphone? Help others and help yourself to make the best decision on making the best choice.

Jeff Kagan: How Apple Painted Themselves Into an iPhone Corner

Jeff Kagan | |

Why is Apple iPhone growth slowing? Why their solution to this problem may be uncomfortable for investors.

Innovative 5G Technology Promises to Boost Profitability

Ron Corker | |

Analysts forecast that 5G technology will provide a $12 billion boost for mobile commerce over the next 3 years.

Jeff Kagan: Synchronoss Helps Carriers with IoT, Cloud, Messaging, Digital

Jeff Kagan | |

How Synchronoss Technologies helps telecommunications, media and technology companies focus on cloud, digital, messaging and IoT.

Jeff Kagan: Comcast, Charter, Altice Growth Path Changing

Jeff Kagan | |

The cable TV industry is transforming to pay TV with new technology, new competitors and new services. How are Comcast, Charter and Altice doing so far?

Trump to Develop National Strategy on '5G' Wireless Networks

Associated Press | |

The administration isn't calling for any specific action other than reports from various agencies due in about six months, and the development of the strategy itself in about nine months.

Jeff Kagan: Comcast Xfinity xFi Largest Provider of Gigabit Internet

Jeff Kagan | |

Comcast Xfinity xFi has become the largest provider of Gigabit Internet. Between this, NBC Universal, their new pay TV, Xfinity Mobile, Comcast seems to be heading in right direction.

Netflix Shares Jump 6 Percent on Strong Subscriber Growth

Associated Press | |

The video-streaming service added 7 million subscribers worldwide from July through September, far above its target.

​The 5G Revolution Starts Next Year—and This Stock Will Double as a Result

Stephen McBride | |

No phone, computer, or modem on the market today is 5G “ready.” Which means everything needs an upgrade.

Is Netflix Really Worth as Much as Disney?

Lyn Alden | |

This late in the market cycle is a good time to re-evaluate what we're willing to pay for growth stocks.

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