Radio Talk Show - Gold the Place to Be in 45-90 Days

Radio Talk Show - Gold the Place to Be in 45-90 Days

Chris Vermeulen | |

He thinks it could be a considerable decline, which he welcomes, as it would provide confirmation to his theory. His other big play is NatGas – a/k/a the Widowmaker – as it a 2.55 low, a point from which it quite often rallies.

Clean Energy Tech (CETY) Spiking +200% After CEO Letter to Shareholders

Steve Kanaval | |

I think yesterday was a squeeze, combined with a real buyer, no matter how you slice this trade, a large investor bought more than $250k. This new entrant is what has the day traders here buzzing.

​This Company is Ready for the Expansion of the Microgrid

Stephen L Kanaval | |

CleanSpark Inc. is building and managing microgrids for big names across the country.

A Trading Strategy and Economic Barometer

Chris Vermeulen | |

I share my thoughts on the set up in natural gas and crude oil. Short-term opportunities are present but Chris outlines a longer-term picture that is more bearish.

Will Oil Find Support Above $50?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Recent global news regarding Venezuela, China, and global oil supply/production have resulted in the price of Oil pausing over the past few weeks near $53 to $55 ppb. We believe the continued supply glut and uncertainty will result in oil prices falling,

The Bull Case for Energy Metals Going into 2019

Visual Capitalist | |

The rapid emergence of the world’s renewable energy sector is helping set the stage for a commodity boom.

Will Natural Gas Breakout Or Breakdown Next?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Very cold weather across the Northwest and Eastern US, as well as moderate demand globally, should prompt a renewed rally in Natural Gas through at least March or April of 2019.

The Shale Oil Revolution Actually Reflects a Nation in Decline

Chris Martenson | |

Faster consumption + no strategy = diminished prospects.

How the LNG Bunkering Market in Europe Is Escalating up to 2024?

Graphical Research | |

Norway LNG bunkering market in 2017, was valued over USD 350 million. Imposition of emission control norms toward sulphur content in marine fuel will further stimulate the industry growth.

Why The Secular Bear Market In Oil Prices Remains

Lance Roberts | |

The expected decline in oil prices is more important than just the relative decline in share prices of energy-related stocks.

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