Rare Element Resources Expands on Advantages of Its Patent-Pending, Zero-Discharge SX Separation Technology in Pilot Plant Testing

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Cerium and Lanthanum Separated into Individual Products, Resulting in Significantly Reduced Mass Going to Advanced Separation

Rare Element Resources Successfully Completes First Phase of Pilot Plant Testing of Patent-Pending, Zero Discharge SX Separation Technology

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Selectively Removed 85% of Total Cerium in One SX Step and Thorium Below Detection Limits in Two Additional SX Steps to Deliver a >99.9% Pure Rare Earth Concentrate for Advanced

Rare Element Resources Completes Summer Condemnation Drilling and Geotechnical Work at the Bear Lodge Proposed Physical Upgrade Plant Site

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LAKEWOOD, Colo.--Rare Element Resources Ltd. ($REE) ($RES:CA), a publicly traded, strategic materials company focused on delivering rare earth products for technology and defense applications by

Rare Element Resources Reports Second Quarter Results

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Separation Technology Pilot Plant Under Development Draft Environmental Impact Statement Expected in Second Half of 2015 Rare Element Resources Ltd. (REE) (RES:CA) (the

Spotting Rebounds in the Rare Earths Elements Market

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We are five years into this new market for rare earths: five years that dawned with higher rare earth elements prices, that unfolded with a new generation of publicly listed junior resources

Is a New Era of Higher Prices for REEs Inside China on the Horizon?

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The era of rare earth elements export quotas and tariffs in China will soon be over and that could ultimately mean a new era of higher prices for REEs inside China, says Gareth Hatch, founding

How the Rare Earth Market Could Be Fixed

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China's geology, cost structure and disregard for environmental degradation have led to rare earth world domination. But the landscape is changing. In this interview with The Mining Report,

3 Rare Earth Projects Investors Need to Know

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It's not the size of a rare earth elements project resource that determines its success, declares Tom Hayes of Edison Investment Research. In this interview with The Mining Report, he explains

Chris Ecclestone: Right Size, Right Metals Signal Success for REE Projects

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The rare earth elements sector is smaller than it was a few years ago, and Chris Ecclestone, mining strategist with Hallgarten & Co., thinks it needs to get smaller still. The only way to

Five Canadian Jr. Miners Gaining on High Volume from Ukraine-Russia Escalation

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The selling that pulled markets lower by the close of Monday’s trading session was unanimously understood to be the result of investor concerns over the crisis that is now unfolding in