Investing Basics

8 Tips for a Profitable Start as a Day Trader

Meir Barak | |

Do You Have the Discipline of a Trader? The rules of stock trading are simple, but because of our personality quirks, everyone still tends to behave differently. The average person’s

Market Makers: The Stock Market's Facilitators

Joel Anderson | |

Previously, we looked at how the basic mechanics of trading stocks work through prospective buyers and sellers offering their bid and ask prices and finding each other to execute trades. We also

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Foreign Markets

Jane Miller | |

Foreign markets can offer plenty of benefits to investors. If you're not sure whether this is the right opportunity for you, consider these four reasons why you should invest in foreign

Financial Blogger Profile: Grayson Bell (Debt Roundup)

Daniel Banas | |

At, we’ve always been focused on building an active community among the leading voices within the world of finance. As with many other fields, in finance, we’ve noticed a

The Basics of Buying and Selling Stocks: The Bid-Ask System

Joel Anderson | |

There are certainly plenty of people out there who have an interest in the stock market. It’s easy to get involved in trading stocks, you just pick out a stock, get an online account, click

What's Your Advantage?

Meir Barak | |

Making a living requires an advantage. Do you have some kind of advantage in your profession? Of course you do! If you had no advantage to offer, your client would go to your competitor. As with

How To Create Your Own Mutual Fund

Adam Sarhan | |

Intro To ETF’s Whether you are a long-term investor or an active trader- every buy or sell decision you make in the market begins with an idea. Do you think this stock is

11 IPOs Scheduled for Week of Feb. 2 to Raise $1.44 billion

Francis Gaskins | |

There are 11 IPOs set to begin trading for the week of February 2, 2015.  IPO Calendar with recommendations/reports HERE (1) Based in Houston, TX, Columbia Pipeline Partners LP (CPPL)

Go with the Flow – Just Use Professional Portfolio Management

Jordan Kimmel | |

I often see investors and traders frozen into inaction. Never good in the stock market! Usually, when people get frozen it is not a matter of lack of knowledge or even the absence of a game plan.

Understanding the Importance of Leverage

Joel Anderson | |

Understanding financial markets requires at least some understanding of leverage, the act of making trades that multiply potential returns for your assets. Leverage typically involves borrowing