Investing Basics

11 IPOs Scheduled for Week of Feb. 2 to Raise $1.44 billion

Francis Gaskins | |

There are 11 IPOs set to begin trading for the week of February 2, 2015.  IPO Calendar with recommendations/reports HERE (1) Based in Houston, TX, Columbia Pipeline Partners LP (CPPL)

Go with the Flow – Just Use Professional Portfolio Management

Jordan Kimmel | |

I often see investors and traders frozen into inaction. Never good in the stock market! Usually, when people get frozen it is not a matter of lack of knowledge or even the absence of a game plan.

Understanding the Importance of Leverage

Joel Anderson | |

Understanding financial markets requires at least some understanding of leverage, the act of making trades that multiply potential returns for your assets. Leverage typically involves borrowing

What IS Stock? The Definition and Meaning of Public Ownership

Joel Anderson | |

The stock market is a part of most everyone’s daily life to some degree or another. Even if it’s just getting a daily update on the Dow Jones on the television news, it’s there.

How Financial News Toys With Your Emotions...And Your Portfolio

Joel Anderson | |

I have, at this point, gotten used to watching most people’s eyes glaze over when I start talking about what I do at parties. After all, in most circles, “finance” is shorthand

Could We See a Pre-Thanksgiving Trading Cycle High?

Stan Harley | |

A Few More Inches Perhaps? This will be an abbreviated weekend report as I am packing up to leave Las Vegas for my return home to the Los Angeles area. The Traders Expo at Caesar’s Palace

Is Mid-November Seeing the Final Drive to a Market High?

Stan Harley | |

Each month, Stan Harley publishes The Harley Market Letter, a newsletter that provides advanced technical analysis of stocks, bonds, and precious metals. Below, you'll find a few key

Pumps and Dumps Pt. 1 – Email Scams Everywhere

MisterEous | |

Today, Email Pumps and Dumps are on my mind I think of the crafty, sleazy guys that are behind the well crafted and very carefully written pumps from stock promoters who have a stake in the phony

A History of the Ponzi Scheme

Joel Anderson | |

While the banking industry was in the midst of a horrifying collapse in 2008, a scandal broke that managed to make even the most over-leveraged, sub-prime exposed hedge funds and investment banks

Words of Wisdom from Warren Buffett

Joel Anderson | |

The Oracle of Omaha has, by this point, become more legend than man. From his modest home to the reliable returns for Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), he gives hope to everyone that a stable,

Emerging Growth

Permanent Techs Inc

Permanent Technologies Inc engages in the design and manufacture of multi-faceted, vibration-proof, self-locking nut and bolt systems for use in the fastener industry in the United States. The Company also…


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