Five Software Stocks Under $10

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We know you love them. Here are more stocks trading under $10 to watch.

Highly Unusual Stock NQ Mobile Surges on End of Audit

Jacob Harper | |

Controversial Chinese tech company NQ Mobil (NQ) surged in Friday trading as the company continues to benefit from last week’s dismissal of auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers. PwC had been

PricewaterhouseCoopers Expands Audit of NQ Mobile

Jacob Harper | |

Shares of NQ Mobile (NQ) fell nearly 30 percent in the shortened pre-holiday July 3 trading day after PricewaterhouseCoopers announced they were expanding their fraud investigation into alleged

Investors Flee NQ Mobile in Sell-Off

Jacob Harper | |

Shares of Chinese software company NQ Mobile (NQ) née Netqin Mobil plunged in June 11 trading action on little fresh news, making it appear as though some investors fear total loss and

NQ Mobile: We Are Not Crooks

Jacob Harper | |

A decisive battle over one of the most hotly contested tech investments on the market was won by the bulls on Wednesday, causing scores of investors who bet against the company to lose millions of

Bulls and Bears Duke it Out Over NQ Mobile

Jacob Harper | |

As May’s trading action came to a close Chinese software company NQ Mobile (NQ) (née Netqin Mobile) spiked more than 15 percent, mitigating the losses of a disastrous year while

NQ Mobile Fraud Allegations Looking More Legit

Jacob Harper | |

Calling a company a scam is a pretty damning accusation, and not one to be handed out lightly. So when noted stock investigators Muddy Waters called Chinese tech play NQ Mobile (NQ) an

Revisiting a “Massive Fraud: What Happened to NQ Mobile?

Jacob Harper | |

On April 14 the Beijing-based software developer NQ Mobile (NQ) plunged on a weak earnings forecast, sending shares southward in a massive sell-off. However, the story of NQ Mobil isn’t

Supposed “Massive Fraud” NQ Mobile Surges on Partnership with Sprint

Jacob Harper | |

Chinese tech company NQ (née Netqin) Mobile (NQ) popped on Jan 15 after the company announced an impending deal with Sprint (S) to incorporate their software into Android phones. The

Chinese Stocks Accused of Fraud by Short-Sellers

Jacob Harper | |

On Nov. 12 Equities covered major American stock scams perpetuated on either the NYSE or NASDAQ. Today, we wanted to explore a specific subset of fraud stocks: those targeted by short-sellers. As

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