VIDEO: MagneGas - From Sewage to Fuel Tank (2006)

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Alternative and biofuel stocks are having an excellent, if somewhat unheralded year a little over one quarter of the way through 2014. Indeed, despite all the rapt attention being paid to rig

Four Materials Stocks That Analysts, Funds, and Insiders Can All Agree On

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Comparing the 1-year performance of the different economic sectors to their year-to-date performance tells us that over the past 12 months, Basic Materials (including energy stocks) is the

Busy Biofuel Manufacturers Making Gains

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For the third consecutive week, small biofuels producers were getting plenty of attention from the market with shares for MagneGas Corporation (MNGA) , BioFuel Energy Corp., (BIOF) , and Solayzme

Eastern Europe Plays Last-Minute Spoiler to Wall Street Rally

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Wall Street was coasting to a day of rather uneventful gains throughout most of Wednesday’s session, at least until about 2 pm in the afternoon, which was about the time President Obama

Two Biofuels Stocks Propose Share Offerings in Preparation for Growth Spurts

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Shares for US biofuels producer Solayzme Inc. (SZYM) gapped down at Wednesday’s open and continued in that direction with significant momentum following the biofuel producer’s

Wall Street Rallies as Domestic and Global Economic Data Favors Buying

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Investors on Wall Street took heart in economic data on Tuesday, putting a stop to two straight sessions of heavy selling by the closing bell as stocks rallied across the board. The street kept in

Magnegas Soars on Staggering Volume as CEO Promises New Bio-fuel Tech

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Florida-based alternative energy firm Magnegas Corporation (MNGA) was the second-best performing stock on Wall Street ahead of Monday’s closing bell, and on volume that was upwards of 35

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