The Best Sector to Hedge Against a Strong Dollar

The Best Sector to Hedge Against a Strong Dollar

Robert Ross | |

​The surging US dollar is rocking world markets.

British Pound Headed Lower Through EU Summit

Andy Waldock | |

The British Pound is facing severe headwinds as Brexit negotiations begin to take center stage ahead of the EU Summit.

How Fintech Is Helping Redefine the World of Forex for Retail Investors

Howard Goldstein | |

For retail investors with their hands in the forex game, fintech has been gradually changing different aspects of the trade, especially when it comes to access to high-level trading algorithms.

The Brexit Still Makes the Pound Feel Nervous

RoboForex | |

The British Pound has reached stability by the last summer week, but it may really be some kind of the calm before the storm.

​Where Are the Worst EM Troubles?

Guild Investment Management | |

Emerging-market stocks, for U.S. investors, have not been treated kindly by trade-war saber rattling during 2018.

​A Rumbling Below the Surface for US Dollar?

Mike Paulenoff | |

Whether the "tipping point" reflects a sudden resolution to the US-Chinese trade/tariff standoff, or the advent of some form of FX market intervention to weaken the Dollar, remains to be seen.

​Currencies and Sanctions: A New World of Foreign Policy?

Guild Investment Management | |

Attempts to rein in lira short-sellers, if history is a guide, will not achieve the desired effect.

Welcome to the August Doldrums in Eastern Europe

Ivan Martchev | |

For those not on vacation, expect bigger moves during this seasonally slower (and more illiquid) period of the year for the market.

​The Yuan’s Falling, and the Market’s Not Panicking

Guild Investment Management | |

Chinese currency instability was not friendly to U.S. stock market performance, and caused U.S. investors a lot of anxiety.

​Turkey is a Serious Problem

Michael Markowski | |

The Lira has now declined by 50% versus the Euro over the past year.

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