ITV puts Duck Dynasty producers on leave as it Launches Investigation

ITV puts Duck Dynasty producers on leave as it Launches Investigation

Guardian Web | |

ITV took a 61.5% stake in Gurney for $40m in 2012 to build its now sizeable ITV Studios production business in the US, with a call option to buy the remainder of the company at three and five years.

​Speculators Too Bearish on Swiss Franc

Andy Waldock | |

The post-US election sell-off will likely be coming to an end...

The US Deficit: Here's How We Avoid a Horrific Future

John Mauldin | |

If we don't deal with it soon, we're going to be in big trouble...

The Copper Rally May Have Run Its Course

Andy Waldock | |

​Producers' selling to cap copper rally.

Top Buys for the Trump Presidency

Adrian Day | |

At the core of the market reaction are interest rates.

​Which Currencies Could Be Trump Era Safe Havens?

Zahir Shah | |

In a volatile world, which currencies will keep you smooth sailing?

Thanksgiving ETFs For Investors to Chew On

Joel Anderson | |

Ah, Thanksgiving. While December might bring warring factions in favor of Christmas, Hannaukah, or Kwanzaa, we can all feast together on Thanksgiving, America’s oldest and best (objectively

​ECB Has Ruined Sovereign Risk-Pricing

Ivan Illán | |

How are European bonds paying less than the US?

Is Gold's Post-Election Sell-Off Overdone?

Clive Maund | |

Gold could be poised to recover if the dollar hits a top here.

Should Investors Buy Gold as Trump Insurance for Their Portfolio?

Garret/Galland Research | |

Like most candidates, Donald Trump will not fulfill all of his promises.

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