How to Protect Yourself From the Elites? Invest in Gold

How to Protect Yourself From the Elites? Invest in Gold

Kal Kotecha | |

No matter how our nation’s economy is doing, gold is always a solid investment.

5 ETFs, Mutual Funds and Closed-End Funds with Impressive Five-Year Returns

Harry Domash | |

ETFs, mutual funds, or closed-end funds: Which gets you the best returns?

​Unprecedented Yen Volatility Over Last 48 Hours Reduces Probability of a Crash

Michael Markowski | |

The recent volatility of the yen and dollar bodes well for the bulls.

Is It Time to Rethink Bond Funds Ahead of Rising Rates?

Newfound Research | |

After a three-decade long bull run, bonds are facing an entirely new reality.

​Euro Currency Finding Post-Brexit Support

Andy Waldock | |

The commercial traders have increased their total position size by nearly 20% since the vote.

When Did Gold's Current Bull Run Begin?

Michael J. Ballanger | |

Reflecting upon the state of gold prices since sentiment bottomed in December.

Here’s One Currency That Could Go to Zero

Jared Dillian | |

Has Abenomics worked?

Yen Volatility Increases the Chances of a Market Crash

Michael Markowski | |

The Japanese yen appreciated significantly versus the US dollar and euro over the last 24 hours...

A Contrarian's Case Against the Bull Market

Justin Spittler | |

While US have hit all-time highs, in nearly every other market, stocks are still headed lower.

What's the Worst Financial Decision You Could Make Right Now?

Justin Spittler | |

Many investors want nothing to do with negative rates.

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