When Skynet Meets Xi Jinping

When Skynet Meets Xi Jinping

Ivan Martchev | |

Any signs of trade tensions easing will produce the necessary catalyst for a rebound in U.S. stocks.

Addressing Gold-Market Fallacies That Can Hamper Your Returns

Elliott Wave Trader | |

The gold market is driven by supply and demand. But how does it help you invest? What drives demand? What drives supply?

Forex Signals, the Pandora Box

Dawn Richard | |

A forex signal contains figures for entering a concrete trade on a currency pair and comes with a determined time and price.

One Year after QT Started, Gold Still Unmoved

Sunshine Profits | |

Anniversaries, anniversaries everywhere. The analysts focus on the 10-year anniversary of the Lehman Bankruptcy which lead to the Global Financial Crisis and the Great Recession (we have covered th...

Fund Managers Focused on the Right Metric

David Trainer | |

Occasionally, we come across a fund whose managers diligently leverage ROIC in their investment strategy. This week we are featuring one such fund.

​ Global Warming (Assuming You Believe In It) Does Not Affect Gold

Elliott Wave Trader | |

There are two levels traders should now be watching whether they are a bull or a bear.

Forex Signals: A Blessing or Curse?

Dawn Richard | |

Forex signals carry a high level of risk and should be applied cautiously. Below we will review the pros & cons too trading signals.

Consider This Your Final Warning About Gold, for Bulls and Bears Alike

Elliott Wave Trader | |

Sentiment is a funny bedfellow.

Does Gold Like Acronyms? The Golden Story of SPX, CPI, and IMF

Sunshine Profits | |

Let’s start from the US stock market. In the last edition of the Gold News Monitor, we discussed the Wednesday’s stock market turmoil. But the bear market continued later. On Thursday, th...

Don’t Follow Fake News or Fake Analysts in Metals

Elliott Wave Trader | |

There is much information being presented out there by analysts. However, it is the job of traders to filter this analysis through a prism of truth, as so much of it fails that test.

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