What Will Gold Do Under a Trump Presidency?

What Will Gold Do Under a Trump Presidency?

Garret/Galland Research | |

People are hoping for a reboot.

Chinese Currency Manipulation Could Become A Global Problem in 2017

John Mauldin | |

Keeping the masses happy could have devastating results for China.

​Trump’s Words Won’t Wound US Dollar

Ivan Illán | |

Sorry Donald, your tweet power may be short-lived on this one...

​Volatility Could Pick Up During the First Half of 2017

Luis Aureliano | |

With the inauguration and the Fed on the docket, investors should prepare for some market movements.

​Inflation Is Rising -- and That's Great

Guild Investment Management | |

...but for who?

Gold Is Cheap Insurance No Matter What the Fed Will Do

Garret/Galland Research | |

Any action from the Fed is unlikely to affect gold prices.

After Its Huge Fall, It May Be Time to Look at Gold Again

Garret/Galland Research | |

How solid is the reasoning behind the rose-colored glasses?

​Mexican Peso: A Pummeled Piñata, But Candy Awaits

Ivan Illán | |

Trump rhetoric has severely weakened the currency, but there's reason for hope of a comeback...

Why It's Better to Bet With Goliath

Andy Waldock | |

If you can't beat them, join them.

The Effect of Trump's Rhetoric on Currencies

Visual Capitalist | |

Rhetoric has already had an impact on currencies...big league.

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