​Soybeans Near Short Hedge and Rally Target

​Soybeans Near Short Hedge and Rally Target

Andy Waldock | |

The soybean rally has been driven by two primary factors.

An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market

Visual Capitalist | |

Everything you need to know about the secretive London gold trade, where 5,500 tonnes of paper gold are exchanged each day and spot prices are set.

Is Gold Ready to Resume Its Rally?

The Gold Report | |

A lot depends on whether the Fed's decision for a June rate hike.

Markets Overnight and Breaking News

Equities Staff | |

An EgyptAir flight, MS804, with 56 passengers and 10 crew members, heading from Paris to Cairo, has gone missing over the Mediterranean Sea and is feared to have crashed. French President Hollande said the plane crashed into the water; he also said no scen

Which Underperforming Gold Stocks Are Ready to Play Some Catchup?

The Gold Report | |

Gold and gold stocks have maintained their gains since early May.

​5-Year Treasury Note Buying Opportunity Ahead of FOMC

Andy Waldock | |

The market has been spooked back and forth between the FOMC's desire to raise interest rates and the global economy's seeming inability to gain any significant traction.

What Are the Most Valuable Rare Coins in the World?

Visual Capitalist | |

This infographic provides an introduction to rare coins, including some of the bizarre stories behind coins that are highly sought-after by collectors.

Thank God for Bloomberg

Enzo Villani | |

​Crude Spreads Show Weakening Economic Outlook

Andy Waldock | |

This is what makes crude oil such a valuable economic forecasting tool.

Legendary Investor Stanley Druckenmiller is Going All In on Gold

The Gold Report | |

The bull market is exhausting itself.

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