Market Analysts Call for Higher Gold Prices in 2019

Market Analysts Call for Higher Gold Prices in 2019

Richard Cox | |

​Despite gold's relative underperformance on a YTD basis, an increasing number of analysts have become bullish.

EUR/USD Analysis: Bulls Unwilling to Compromise

FXStreet | |

EU data encouraging, but speculative interest unimpressed. Market's mood remains positive although caution prevails.

​A Look at Horizons' New US Cannabis ETF and Who is in It

Stephen L Kanaval | |

HMUS opens tomorrow. Here is a rundown of the companies and weights with information about them.

If History Is Any Indication, Stocks Should Rally Until the Fall of 2020

Robert Ross | |

The yield curve has inverted before every recession over the past 50 years… but not immediately before.

What's the Second Best Performing Asset Since 1999?

Frank Holmes | |

The evidence keeps rolling in that the yellow metal has historically been a wise investment.

The (Trade-Weighted) U.S. Dollar is Headed to All-Time Highs

Ivan Martchev | |

If the US trade deficit begins to shrink notably, this is decidedly dollar-bullish and would have a long-term impact on currency markets.

HNDL: First-of-Its-Kind 7% Target Distribution Fund Solves Yield Dilemma for Investors

Dividend Investments | |

A new alternative for yield investors in our low interest rate environment.

All That Glitters - Why Now May Be the Time for Gold to Shine

Todd William | |

There may now be a glimmer of hope that gold is on an upward trajectory.

Does the US Expansion Have Years to Run?

Leo Kolivakis | |

When the CEO of the biggest and most powerful bank in the US says the "expansion could go on for years," it's definitely worth noting.

Commodities: Precious Metals Stage Major Long Term Price Rally

Dividend Investments | |

When looking to establish new trading positions, it is important to have a strong idea of the historical trends that influence momentum even today.