​World-Class Retailer J.C. Penney Restructures for Profitability

MoneyShow | |

Some of our biggest winners and least speculative recommendations were well-known retail companies that had fallen on hard times, and their stocks had plunged.

​The Retail Apocalypse Coming to a Mall Near You

Harry Dent | |

Is this retail apocalypse you’ve been hearing so much about a reality?

​Here’s Why Amazon Is Not a Monopoly

Charles Sizemore | |

I recently Google searched the term “Amazon monopoly.” It returned over 4 million results.

The Amazon-Walmart Rivalry Will Determine the Future of Retail

John Mauldin | |

One in five US consumers is now an Amazon Prime member.

​Buffett Bets on Store Capital

MoneyShow | |

Berkshire Hathaway owns nearly 10% of this REIT, and it's far from alone.

​The Retail Downfall We Saw Coming

Harry Dent | |

It’s like a scene out of “Resident Evil.”

​Stocks End Week Mixed As Retail Stocks Sink

Adam Sarhan | |

So far, the market action remains bullish.

Don’t Short Retail Stocks—the Trade Is Already Half Over

Jared Dillian | |

The nature of capitalism is that, at some point, the disrupter gets disrupted.

​Was Buffett Right in Selling Walmart?

William Corley | |

Buffett is rarely wrong, but in this case, he may have jumped the gun...

JC Penney Doesn’t Get Investors’ Hopes Up

Jacob Harper | |

Retail giant JC Penney (JCP) stumbled in Wednesday trading action after issuing a lower-than-expected sales forecast. The resulting market activity was erratic favoring pessimistic, with the

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