UAW-GM Strike Proving Costly to More Than Workers, Automaker

UAW-GM Strike Proving Costly to More Than Workers, Automaker

Equities Staff | |

In the fourth week of the UAW strike against GM, lost wages means lost spending in the community.

This Is the Best Time to Load Up on These 3 Value Stocks

Robert Ross | |

Growth stocks have had a stellar run, but look for value stocks to outperform into 2020.

Fed’s Odd Dilemma: Low Unemployment but Pressure to Do More

AP News | |

Though unemployment, inflation and long-term borrowing rates are all low, Trump’s trade wars are slowing growth and the Fed faces pressure to keep cutting interest rates.

GM-UAW Talks Take Turn for Worse

AP News | |

Contract talks aimed at ending a 21-day strike by the UAW against GM have hit a big snag over product commitments for US factories, wrote a union official in an email to members.

US Adds Modest 136,000 Jobs, Lowering Unemployment to 3.5%

AP News | |

Hiring has slowed as the US-China trade war has intensified, global growth has slowed and businesses have reduced their investment spending.

What Does the Office of the Future Look Like?

Maggie Kimberl | |

The office of the future includes flexibility, technology and snacks.

Another Day, Another Dollar, Part I

Michael McTague | |

Operating almost everywhere frequently in plain sight, sweatshops may appear independent but are often connected with major corporations.

Ominous Signs of Recession in Europe | |

Escalating trade tensions between the US and China have caught European economies in the crossfire.

Surreal Action in the Gold Market

Ivan Martchev | |

The distortions that come with global quantitative easing policies have broken the historical relationship between the dollar and gold.

What Trump Wants, Powell Can’t Give

Harry Dent | |

There is no way that Fed Chairman Powell, whom Trump has called "clueless," is going to be able to appease this president.


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