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What's the Deal with AT&T and T-Mobile?

Henry Truc | |

Reports of telecom giant AT&T's $39 billion takeover bid of German service provider T-Mobile helped to carry the market yesterday, but the deal is still the subject of much scrutiny from

George Brooks: Tech Stocks Lagging - Ready for Catch Up?

George Brooks | |

We have had the same pattern of trading for three days now – up sharply in the first hour of trading followed by trading sideways within a narrow range until the close.While the Dow, S&P500

George Brooks: Gap Open Likely - Easy Does It

George Brooks | |

Gap Open Likely – Easy Does ItFriday, I warned readers NOT to buy the open, since the stock-index futures indicated a sharp increase in prices in early trading, thus the risk of paying the high

The Nuclear Scare and Domestic Drilling

Equities Editors Desk | |

The dangers of nuclear energy have been recognized since shortly after the Eisenhower administration, but the week’s events at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power station and the tremendous danger

Taking the Business of Medical Cannabis Online

Equities Editors Desk | |

It’s commonplace for a business owners or consumers to spend a significant amount of time enjoying Facebook, visiting their favorite e-commerce sites. Businesses in all industry sectors are

Medical Cannabis Goes Corporate

Equities Editors Desk | |

If it were possible to inquire upon the secret to making money during the gold rush from the individuals who succeeded at it, they would likely say, “Being the first one there!” The same model

George Brooks: Up - Down - Up

George Brooks | |

Monday’s blog: “Week of Opportunity – Be Ready.” Tuesday’s blog: “Week Offers Opportunity for Gutsy Trader.”Obviously, the market is held hostage to the uncertainties arising out of

George Brooks: More Domestic Oil Production on the Way

George Brooks | |

Deepwater drilling is beginning to make a comeback for the first time since the BP oil spill last April. Just last week, the Obama administration issued its second deepwater drilling permit for

George Brooks: Week Offers Opportunity for Gutsy Trader

George Brooks | |

Global markets plunged abroad overnight and the stock-index futures are off significantly prior to the open, indicating the DJIA could open 200-points lower.A significant worsening at the

After Merck Stops Study, What Remains Of The Alzheimer's Drug Pipeline?

Equities Staff | |

​This is a re-post of a great article by Taylor Cox , Benzinga Staff Writer ​brought to our attention by one of our shareholders

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Margaux Resources Ltd.

Margaux Resources Ltd is a Calgary based resource company. The Company is focused on its Jersey Emeral Tungsten-Zinc property located in the southeast portion of British Columbia.

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Voleo is a free download that allows you to form investment clubs with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, teammates…basically anyone you know and trust. Invest and manage a stock portfolio…

Mesa-Marshall 2 Well Project

MESA Resources ("MESA") is sponsoring the development of the two well direct drilling project -- "Mesa-Marshall #1-2". MESA, founded in 1992, is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of…


Crowd Invest Summit

Crowd Invest Summit is a crowdfunding conference and expo with a mission to educate and bring together accredited and non-accredited investors with startups, issuers, and real estate investment opportunities.Use code…

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