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No Longer a Need for NIRP Crash Indicator Signals

No Longer a Need for NIRP Crash Indicator Signals

Michael Markowski | |

The NIRP Crash Indicator is no longer publishing signals.

Crude Oil at Critical Junction

Andy Waldock | |

Crude oil has been trading roughly sideways for more than two years now, between $40 and $80 per barrel.

HOLLY: “Topping Formation” Leads 10 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 11 strategies selected today 8 are Long, bullish in outlook. 3 are Short, bearish in outlook.

Investing Under Trump: Be Optimistic... and Short

Jared Dillian | |

A few months into the Trump regime, it's clear that things are going to be very different...

HOLLY: “Power Hour Short” Leads 8 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 9 strategies selected today 6 are Long, bullish in outlook. 3 are Short, bearish in outlook.

​Correction Coming: Market’s Ripe and Ready

Michael Markowski | |

The failure to get its American Health Care Act to replace Obama care passed has negatively impacted investor sentiment.

​Markets Fall on Political Logjam...

Adam Sarhan | |

First real test of support since the election...

​Treasury Yield Trumps Dividends

Ivan Illán | |

A correction could help dividend yield, but don't hold your breath...

Mag One (MDD): Redefining Magnesium Production through Technology

Equities Research | |

Mag One Products (MDD) is redefining the magnesium industry via proprietary processing technology and aims to be the lowest cost and most environmentally sustainable producer of magnesium products.

Should You Choose an Investment Club Over a Traditional Advisor?

Thomas Beattie | |

There are logical and emotional reasons to count on friends to increase each other's wealth.

Emerging Growth

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp is engaged in the production and development of specialty alloy products. Its products include copper alloys and berryllium aluminium alloys.

Private Markets


Blockchain currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) provide a new disruptive way to transfer value between parties over the internet as opposed to going through banks. GoCoin provides online merchants with a suite…


Autonomous security robots providing advanced detection capabilities at $7 per hour - aiming to define the future of security. Help #StopTheViolence.


Public Venture Capital: A Growth Path You Need to Know

Find out what public venture capital is and how it is different from traditional VC funding. Also see why it is a viable funding alternative for early-stage Southern California companies.…

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