Natural Gas Setup for a Big Move Lower

Natural Gas Setup for a Big Move Lower

Chris Vermeulen | |

This Fibonacci predictive modeling system is suggesting Natural Gas is about to break down below the $4.30 level and move aggressively toward the $3.05~3.25 level.

Technically Speaking: “Will Santa Visit Broad & Wall?”

Lance Roberts | |

The biggest concern currently, from a technical perspective, is the important support levels the markets are currently testing.

Here Come New Highs for U.S. Stocks: 2019 Outlook and Beyond

Ivan Martchev | |

It's possible the S&P 500 may flip into overdrive and make up all the losses it suffered in October. In fact, the chances of hitting an all-time high by by year's end are not insignificant.

Is a Deleveraging Event About to Unfold in the Stock Market?

Chris Vermeulen | |

​As the global equities markets continue to find pricing and valuation pressures driving prices lower, a few questions come to mind for investors/traders. Is a deleveraging event about to unfold?

Why Are You Getting Whipsawed?

Elliott Wave Trader | |

If you understood the greater context for the market, then you would understand that whipsaw is to be expected.

Waiting for Gold to Erupt

Chris Vermeulen | |

The US and global markets rotation lower over the past few days may be an over-reaction to economic impetuses and trade issues – not a massive downside price break.

Trading Platforms – Choosing the Best Option for Success

Richard Parker | |

Trading platform that is best placed to support successful trading, considering your level of experience and your portfolio.

A Big Top Is Forming and Big Paradigm Shift

Adam Sarhan | |

If support is broken, we are headed into a bear market.

Is the Inverted Yield Curve a Bear Market Signal

Simon Maierhofer | |

For the first time since 2007, the short end of the yield curve inverted, and the longer-term end is not far behind.

Technically Speaking: Is The Bull Back, Or Is It A “Bull Trap?”

Lance Roberts | |

While anything is certainly “possible”, investors and traders must manage money on “probabilities.”