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Featured Stocks in November’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

Featured Stocks in November’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

David Trainer | |

See two of the featured stocks from this month’s model portfolios.

Weekend Reading: Why This Isn’t “THE” Bear Market…Yet

Lance Roberts | |

Despite significant headwinds, there are three things which suggest the necessary psychological change for a more meaningful “mean reverting” event has yet to occur.

How Fundamental Investors Are Embracing the 'Rise of the Machines'

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

​Dan Loeb recently released his shareholder letter in which he discusses how he plans to invest in the future, among other topics.

HOLLY: “Slippery Slope” Leads 14 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 15 strategies selected today 10 are Long, bullish in outlook. 5 are Short, bearish in outlook.

S&P 500: Short-Term Outlook

Simon Maierhofer | |

When price fails the reach the ideal target (in this case 2,830 - 2,850+) at the first attempt, it often reserves the right to do so on a second attempt.

Oil Prices Are Confirming Global Reflation Is Over

Lance Roberts | |

Oil is a highly sensitive indicator relative to the expansion or contraction of the economy. The demand side of the equation is a tell-tale sign of economic strength or weakness.

Cutting Through the Noise to Find a Retail Gem

David Trainer | |

Those willing to do real fundamental research can find companies creating real shareholder value amidst a glut of overvalued and/or poorly run firms.

Stanley Druckenmiller: What Should Investors Do If They’re In A ‘Slump’

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

It's very important for investors to recognize whether they’re currently ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ with regards to picking investments.

Understanding Short Sale Activity

R. Cromwell Coulson | |

Large investors who accumulate long positions are required to publicly disclose their holdings. Why then aren’t there disclosure obligations for large short sellers?

​Three Life-Changing Investment Products

Paul Merriman | |

These three products mean that even the most ignorant, the most uninterested, the most naïve investor can get fair and fairly priced professional treatment from Wall Street.