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How You Manage Your “OK” Performers Could Be Your Competitive Edge

How You Manage Your “OK” Performers Could Be Your Competitive Edge | |

Why you need to spend more time actively thinking about the development of your “ok” performers.

Social Media for Today's Businesses

Ron Corker | |

As social media usage continues to expand, the digital landscape grows more representative of the real-world population.

​Surveying the Risk Landscape

Guild Investment Management | |

Economic downturns and the bear markets are as inevitable as the weather. But bull markets typically deliver some of their strongest returns in their final phases.

Papa John’s Pizza: 3 Crisis Communication, Public Relations, & Marketing Lessons to Learn

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

If you could attach a dollar to every word you say, would you make money or lose money?

5 Things to Look For in a Payroll Provider

Due | |

Before you choose a payroll provider, ensure they have the know-how and experience in creating software for tax compliance and payroll processing.

Is Rise in Unemployment Good?

Sunshine Profits | |

​The U.S. unemployment rate rose in June. But here's why this is good for the economy.

Understanding The Financial Cost of Downtime in Manufacturing

Due | |

To satisfy your financial goals and keep your bottom line strong, you need to understand how much downtime is costing you as well as how you can reduce it.

Is Your Office Conducive to Productivity?

Calendar | |

​For any business, and startups in particular, productivity is extremely important to being successful in the long run.

How to Convey a Unified Brand Message After a Merger or Acquisition | |

As new firms emerge, they must establish a unified identity and brand message to differentiate from both competitors and earlier iterations of themselves.

10 Hottest Places to Launch a Fintech Startup in Central and Eastern Europe

Amy Mathews | |

In Europe, a trend is emerging as investors discover opportunities outside of the established fintech hubs in London, Germany and France.

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