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Jeff Kagan: Top CEO Innovators Who Are Changing the World

Jeff Kagan: Top CEO Innovators Who Are Changing the World

Jeff Kagan | |

This is my list of the Top CEO Innovators who are changing our world.

​10 Disruptive Trends for 2020

Gary C. Bizzo | |

A look ahead at the top disruptive technology trends for 2020

Jeff Kagan: Big Mistake Walmart, Sam’s Club Are Making

Jeff Kagan | |

Walmart and Sam's Club are making a mistake with several new customer un-friendly moves which punish good customers to battle the shoplifting problem. This will hurt them in a competitive market.

Jeff Kagan: Retail Becoming Customer Unfriendly

Jeff Kagan | |

Retail is using new technology and practices which are customer unfriendly. This helps the investor short-term, but hurts the company, customers and the investor long-term.

The Market for Meal Kit Services

Desireé Duffy | |

​The market for meal kit services is booming. Not only is this a great industry to be part of, but they help everyone save time and money while eating healthy.

Jeff Kagan: How Dish Network Will Get to Fourth Place in Wireless

Jeff Kagan | |

Can Charlie Ergen take Dish Network to fourth place in wireless? Will they be an offensive or defensive competitor? Will they partner with other companies? Will they change wireless industry?

Here’s How Much the Top CEOs of S&P 500 Companies Get Paid

Visual Capitalist | |

Does high CEO pay translate to company performance?

How to Balance Taking Courses and Running Your Business

Modest Money | |

Running a business is time-consuming on its own. Once you start adding in other elements of your life – family, hobbies, taking care of yourself – it’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time in the day for anything. Add in taking business courses to

Jeff Kagan: Impact the US Ban Is Having on Huawei Globally

Jeff Kagan | |

The U.S. ban on Huawei is having a larger impact on the company than we originally thought. Their forecasted revenue is now down 30 percent and things are just getting started in wireless.

Trump’s Trade War Is Paralyzing Business

Patrick Watson | |

CEO optimism, which peaked in Q1 2018, has dwindled with the protracted trade war.

Humanity. 2.0 - Opening Address at the Vatican

The opening address was delivered by Rev. Philip Larrey, Chairman of. Humanity 2.0, and Matthew. Sanders, CEO & Founder of Humanity 2.0.


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