​Kagan: Is Apple as Good as We Think They Are?​

Jeff Kagan | |

What is Apple really known for?

​Qualcomm: Life After Litigation?

MoneyShow | |

Apple believes that Qualcomm’s royalty fees are excessive. Qualcomm, in turn, sued Apple for breach of contract.

​Jeff Kagan: Sprint is the Bell of the Comcast, Charter, Google Ball

Jeff Kagan | |

Sprint has done a remarkable job at repairing and building their company in the last several years.

​Jeff Kagan: Will GameStop Transform in Time?

Jeff Kagan | |

GameStop is navigating a very volatile industry environment...

Don’t Short Retail Stocks—the Trade Is Already Half Over

Jared Dillian | |

The nature of capitalism is that, at some point, the disrupter gets disrupted.

​Jeff Kagan: IBM, Google Race for First Quantum Computer

Jeff Kagan | |

Quantum computing could be the next tech revolution...

​Jeff Kagan: Oscar PwC Goof Caused Real Brand Damage

Jeff Kagan | |

It may take a while for PricewaterhouseCoopers to come back from this...

Jeff Kagan: Why Windstream CEO Must Change Direction

Jeff Kagan | |

Windstream Hldgs. (WIN)  of Little Rock quietly replaced its long time, well-known and well-liked President and CEO Jeff Gardner with Tony Thomas, former CFO. Why was the change made and

Jeff Kagan: Wireless Trends for 2015

Jeff Kagan | |

When I speak at industry meetings, one of the most popular topics is what’s coming next. The wireless industry grows and changes all the time. It’s a much different place than it was

Mobile Pay May Explode in 2015

Jeff Kagan | |

Mobile payments are not new. However, they have not really taken off like expected yet either. Year after year we keep hoping that this will be the time when mobile pay finally breaks loose and

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