Last Night's Democratic Debate: Clinton and Wall Street

Stephen L Kanaval  |

The $675,000 speaking fee that Hillary Clinton was paid to speak at Goldman Sachs was a big part of last night's debate. Moderator Rachel Maddow asked Clinton, "Have you been too dismissive of voters' concerns about your Wall Street connections?" Clinton's response painted a picture of Goldman Sachs like they were little tykes who wanted to hear stories of the other shore. To add fuel to this absurd fire, Clinton claimed that she went to Wall Street and told the that these subprime mortgages were going to collapse the economy. Now, the prior statement is true. Clinton did make a speech in 2007 about the volatility in the subprime mortgage market, but to weave that into her speaking fee tour is malarkey. She went to Goldman Sachs for easy money.

Clinton tried to brush off her speaking fees on Wall Street as just one of the many sectors where she stopped to deliver a speech. Clinton accused the Sanders campaign of smearing her because of the artful link between the speaking fees, Wall Street's money, and big donor interests. Yet, Clinton has cancelled speaking engagements recently due to the criticism of the Sanders campaign.

Sanders himself continued to be the voice arguing for Wall Street fraud and corruption. He said, "A Wall Street executive destroys the economy...and has no criminal record. That is what power is about..." The campaign is starting to shift toward the analysis of Clinton's record on big banks and seems to show a shift in the future of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders and his campaign have done an interesting job of show that he is the candidate of change. Hillary Clinton is being linked to Wall Street, corruption, the legacy of Bill Clinton, and some nice speaking fees at the Evil Empire of derivavtives

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