​January 2017: Trump’s First 100 Days

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On the one hand, the concept of a new Presidential Administration’s “first 100 days” is essentially an arbitrary designation that’s principally discussed by historians and journalists. There’s no specific set of powers granted an incoming President in their first three months in office, nor is there any extra weight or significance to laws passed during that period. A bill passed in the first 100 days isn’t technically any different than one passed in the final 100.

On the other, warranted or not, the focus on the three-month-plus period at the beginning of a new term has become self-fulfilling to a certain degree, presenting what is frequently the most fruitful period for any presidential administration. Since the New Deal, a President’s first 100 days has been used as a yardstick for measuring accomplishment, not to mention a relative honeymoon period that often sees a president given the most leeway they’ll ever see in terms of attempting to shape policy.

With this in mind, Equities.com has committed January to exploring what we can expect from the Trump Administration during this all-important early period of the Trump Administration.

Are You Ready for Trump’s First 100 Days? — “Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal swept through the American government in the early days of 1933, the first 100 days of a new president’s administration have taken on a special significance. And while there isn’t any specific reason why the first three months are more significant, the symbolic importance has been capitalized upon by many past administrations…” Read more...

Reality vs. Rhetoric: What Will President Trump Really Do? — “As we mentioned in our earlier piece outlining the plans the incoming Trump administration has for the first 100 days of its time in power, examining the specific proposals of any political candidate on the campaign trail doesn’t usually produce a clear understanding of what’s to come. An incoming administration needs the approval of Congress for any major legislation…” Read more...

Investors Love These “Trump Bump” Sectors, But Should They? — “With the inauguration of Donald Trump fast approaching, and the new Congress already in session, we’re continuing our look into what investors should expect from the incoming Trump administration. After delving into what broad themes and skeletal plans can be gleaned from the Trump campaign and his cabinet selections thus far, it’s time to dig into a more industry-specific approach…” Read more...

How Much Will Making America “Great Again” Cost Consumers? — “Earlier in this feature series, we dug into what industries can anticipate a better regulatory environment from the incoming Trump administration. However, it would be a mistake to assume that a pro-business president is going to mean nothing but smooth sailing for corporate America. While the Energy and Financials sectors appear to have an ally forthcoming in the White House, other industries face a great deal of uncertainty, making it difficult to understand what to expect from the next four years…” Read more...

Analyst Interview: What Wedbush Thinks of the Trump Trade"As the nation braces for the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Trump, the financial markets have been jostling around in the meanwhile. The “Trump trade” has been the dominant theme for investors over the past two months and now, as the rubber finally meets the road, bulls and bears alike are anxiously anticipating whether their positions are on the right side of the transition between expectations and reality." Read more...

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Can These Trump Rally Winners Keep Paying Off for Investors? — "We’ve been taking a deep dive into President-elect Trump’s upcoming first 100 days, what Trump may or may not have planned, which of those plans he may or may not be able to actually pull off, and how markets may or may not react to all of that. It’s all pretty rank speculation, for the most part, but speculation that could pretty clearly end up playing a huge role in how one’s portfolio looks in the coming months and years. Now, it’s time to try and move past theory some and start looking at which companies appear to be in the best position heading into Trump’s inauguration." Read more...

Trump's First 100 Days Has Arrived. Now What? — Friday brought the culmination of the anticipation for what the Trump administration will do. As of Monday morning, anticipation gave way to action as the Trump era commenced with the official exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), signaling the beginning of a period that promises to be a busy one in the reshaping of government policy. Equities.com dedicated the month of January to just what Trump may be planning for the nation in his first 100 days. So, as we begin to see speculation translated into reality, we’re going to review some of the main themes that investors may expect from President Trump and Congress over the next quarter. Read more...

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