Is an Online Accounting Degree Right for You?

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Have you thought about going back to school to get your accounting degree? If the thought of going back to a brick and mortar classroom with strict schedules and boring lectures is keeping you from your dream, then consider going to school online instead. Check out these reasons why an online degree might be the better option for your goals and lifestyle.


For a lot of people, the decision to stay in a traditional school or to go to school online has to do with flexibility. A lot of online courses don't have scheduled lecture times. Instead, you usually have assignments that need to be completed each week but can be done on your own time, such as after your working hours. This means you can keep your full-time job without worrying about schedule conflicts.

Flexibility in scheduling isn't all you'll get by pursuing your accounting degree online, though. For many people in rural areas, the flexibility to live where you want, provided you can get Internet access, makes online schooling worth it. It gives you more options to choose from, too, since an increasing number of schools are offering accounting degrees online.


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When online schooling offers flexibility in your living situation, it means you can also cut costs on going back to school. There's no need to move into the city and pay a higher rent, and you won't have to commute and pay the gas prices. You don't have to live in dorms or purchase meal plans, either, making the cost of living when going to school online a lot more affordable for most people.

Online schooling cuts costs in other ways, too. For example, since most classes use electronic textbooks, you won't have to pay as much for your materials. Even better, online students don't have to pay extra campus costs that are tacked onto traditional students' tuition. Plus, as more accredited schools offer online programs, students can gain access to financial aid and scholarships to attend these accredited colleges and universities.

Learning Style

Traditional classrooms simply aren't for everyone. A lot of people don't enjoy sitting in a lecture hall, which can affect how much they learn. If you have a more independent learning style, online classes may be a better fit for you since they offers a bit more independence. If you learn better by reading a textbook at your own pace rather than rushing to take notes in a lecture, then online schooling is probably a better fit for you as well.

If you're not an independent person, though, don't think that online schooling isn't for you. While you won't sit in lectures, you will often get support from your classmates and professors. You'll have ample ways to connect with the class online.

Online degrees are becoming more popular, as established and accredited universities are offering their courses online. This can mean a more flexible option and a better learning environment as you pursue your accounting degree.

By Susan Pizzaro

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