Inception Mining (IMII): Agile, Diverse and Cost-Efficient

Stephen L Kanaval  |

Inception Mining (IMII) represents the new age of mining companies that are approaching exploration and development with a unique focus on sustainability, cost-efficiency and a diverse portfolio.

New mining companies need to be agile and focused on reducing costs. IMII represents this group in their ability to use modern technology and available mining resources to mine precious metals. The company currently has these projects:

  • Clavo Rico
  • UP & Burlington

The first project, Clavo Rico, is in historic Honduran mountains that were once mined by the Spanish. The mine itself has been expanded and is now close to operating at junior mining status. The company crushes material to 3/8 size and with a compound leeches gold from the rock. The gold is then shipped back to the United States for refining. The expansion has allowed the mine to handle 1,000 tons of material per day with a recovery bed that can hold 800,000 tons of ore.

The second mine, UP & Burlington, was actually the first acquisition for Inception. The mine is located on the trans-Challis fault system that stretches across the Idaho and Montana border. This is a proven mining area that has historic veins of gold laced in the basins and hills. Here is a quote from the project description and the gold potential:

The three blocks of “developed” ore add up to 58,600 tons at an average grade of 0.6686 opt Au for 38,813 ounces before any subtractions for mining. Guewilik reduced that amount to 38,650 tons/29,856 ounces minable and 26,870 ounces recoverable. Guewilik compares this reserve to the ore reserves originally shown on a 1907 map as Blocks A through E. The original 1907 reserves reportedly totaled 14,702 tons at a value of $13.50 per ton ($20 Au) or 0.675 opt Au. Guewilik cites improved mining and metallurgical processes over the interceding 28 years as the reason for the increased reserves.

The project is very early in the process, but IMII clearly sees growing potential and profitability here.

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