How Voip-Pal’s IP Will Swing This $130 Billion Market


Voip technology offers numerous benefits for both residential and enterprise users seeking a cost-efficient option for their communication needs. Yet, for all the advantages that it provides, there are certain limitations of Voip that have capped wider adoption of its use. A recent article by Steve Anderson of TMCnet does a great job summarizing this “controversy”.

This is exactly why Voip-Pal is perfectly positioned to leverage its patent portfolio, and resolve many of the traditional limitations and concerns that have plagued the VoIP market for years.

As Anderson puts it:

Voip-Pal acquired Digifonica just two years ago, and with its help and current patents put together an impressive suite of tools geared toward better connections. Now, Voip-Pal has a slate of tools working on fronts from Lawful Intercept to Enhanced 911 to Routing, Billing and Rating (RBR) systems and beyond. The RBR tools are particularly welcome for service providers who want to provide subscriber management functions, moving clients from one network to another even in the middle of a call. Meanwhile, Enhanced 911 tools allow better tracking of caller locations in the midst of a 911 call, providing better safety and security for users.

These tools may be especially helpful following a 2013 ruling from the EU Court of Justice. Said court found in favor of an Austrian law student who found Facebook uncomfortably cavalier about transferring data overseas without considering privacy. The standard “Safe Harbor” agreement was cited in response, reports note, but the court declared the agreement invalid, agreeing that “the law and practice of the United States do not offer sufficient protection against surveillance by the public authorities of the data transferred to that country.” That leaves a lot of uncertainty for tech firms.

While subscription agreements may impact this decision and make it a little less onerous for tech firms, assuming such could be a mistake. So companies may have to remove some services and replace these with others to maintain and expand profitability. That's where Voip-Pal can come in, part of a market expected to reach $130 billion by 2020.

It’s a great read for those that want a better understanding of the current state of the VoIP market, as well as the opportunities for Voip-Pal. We recommend you check out the full article here.

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