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David Freidenberg at POMM provides Equities.com the insights on his company POMM and their capital raise.

Equities: In a digital world lacking privacy and security what is POMM's contribution? Why is it needed? Who needs it?

Freidenberg: As Smartphones and Internet/Cloud applications are becoming more and more popular, people increasingly store more and more personal and company information, such as photos, documents, electronic keys and passwords, on smartphones and clouds. Extensive data breaches are published daily, to both personal people and companies, with grave financial and emotional implications. With all this in mind, POMM Inc. developed a solution called "Privacy on My Mind", or in short POMM. POMM is an electronic board equipped with dedicated computer and secured memory modules accompanied by a set of secured software drivers and applications. This miniature, light-weight, board is neatly embedded in a smartphone add-on protective case or sleeve and operates smoothly with the smartphone. POMM provides secure access to stored information via proprietary stand-alone secured applications; as well as secure communication with remote sites of various service providers for accessing or uploading data. For the user's convenience, the smartphone touch key display features act as a friendly user interface, allowing the authorized user to access and manage the secure storage via different modes of interaction.

Equities: What is unique about POMM technology? What are its security layers and how is it different from other solutions available on the market? (iPhone, LG, biometric etc)

Freidenberg: The other solutions, such as biometric access protection or "secure folder" that some of the mobile phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Apple and others provide,are only a fraction from POMM solution. These solutions only protect specific access to the smartphone.Once the smartphone is hacked, as was with the latest Apple incident, user information is completely unprotected. Also – the smartphone is conceptually taken as a stand-alone device, while with POMM vision it is the end user interaction point and e-token access to a secured services ecosystem. All data is kept sealed and encrypted on the POMM depository – so even if the smartphone is hacked, sensitive information cannot be accessed.

POMM leverages security by using a multi-layer scheme combining hardware and software - sophisticated biometric and physiological sensors with aliveness/coercion detection software algorithms and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only the rightful owner can access personal or company information defined as private or sensitive. The sensors and authentication mechanisms guarantee that it is indeed the owner of the data accessing POMM and that he is not being coerced to disclose the stored data.

Secured information on POMM, such as company documents, financial data or medical records, can be updated in various fashions, depending on POMM operation mode: Stand alone or as part of a secured system.

1. Stand-alone mode: When POMM is used in "stand alone mode", the user can directly access POMM secure file system from the smartphone to make the desired changes.

2. System mode: When POMM is used as part of a secured services system, user can use POMM integrated NFC or USB connections to perform updates from servers, cloud services or other devices. This mode of operation requires dedicated POMM software drivers and APIs to encrypt the communication and data exchange with the services providers.

Equities: How does the physiological and biometric protection work? When is access blocked and why?

Freidenberg: One of the biggest fears around biometric databases is that they may eventually be penetrable. POMM uses a multi-layer security approach to leverage security to unprecedented levels. POMM has a multi-channel function of fused biometric and physiological identification sensors. POMM biometric sensors output is processed by advanced algorithms fusing various types of biometrics, such as palm-print image analysis, user face image recognition and 3D signatures, like hand movement gestures. In addition, POMM physiological sensors measure heart rate pulse, user blood oxygen content and body temperature. In case these measures demonstrate that the user is under stress, as in robbery or coercion situation, access to POMM is blocked; it automatically shuts down and becomes useless. In this way, sensitive information cannot be accessed and a user cannot be coerced to perform actions such as monetary transactions by force.

Equities: How will POMM change the way smartphone users use their smartphone?

Freidenberg: We foresee that POMM will change the way people use their smartphones. Today's smartphone is mainly used for voice and data communication as well as limited storage of files. Many people find it difficult to trust web services for sensitive information such as financial transactions, and experience difficulty in remembering dozens of passwords and user names to operate various online services. POMM will pave the way to using smartphones for long-term storage of large files including sensitive data, such as medical or financial information. Today we store such sensitive data on fixed drives off-line most of the time and we don't have them available when needed on the go, at the doctor's office for example. Also, POMM secure memory module is always available with no need for Internet or cellular connection. So with POMM important information is always available right at the palm of our hand – on our smartphone.

Equities: Why is POMM raising funds now?

Freidenberg: Is ready to market with its stand-alone solution targeting private people that understand the risk to their personal information privacy and security on smartphones; professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, brokers, senior managers and accountants; and companies of all sizes from SMB to enterprises.

The funds will be used for mass production and international marketing and sales infrastructure. POMM will be sold via leading mobile operators, mobile accessories distributors, retail chains and IT/infrastructure resellers and integrators. Funds will also be used for second phase R&D completion for "POMM as part of a system" concept and for proof of concept with leading healthcare and financial institutions.

Equities: Can you describe how a vertical solution – healthcare, finance – will work with "POMM as part of a system" concept? Why should service providers want this? Why should users want this?

Freidenberg: When we talk about “POMM as part of a system” concept we are talking about a trustworthy environment for secured digital communication with selected service providers and safe storage and management of personal data.

In the simplest scenario involving only user and POMM (Stand-alone mode), the user must first perform authentication using POMM biometric sensors. Then the IAA software validates this is the rightful owner and if so, the IAA module grants access to requested file.

In the more advanced scenario involving POMM as part of a secured system interacting with trusted service providers there is a need for dedicated software to run on both ends – POMM and service provider servers - to assure data privacy and security.

POMM as PHR – Personal Health Record: POMM can function as a mobile system for securely storing and accessing a person's medical records –all user personal lifelong accumulated health records, including clinical tests, hospital release documents, large format medical imaging files and more. User will be interested to do so for reasons of security of information on the one hand and its 24/7 availability on the other hand. Healthcare institutions would be happy to interact with POMM and exchange information as this meets HIPAA regulations for patient data security and privacy and enables an easy online system to constantly update and access patient information even when moving between different healthcare systems – such as private doctor's clinic, hospital and more. This could not only contribute to convenience but also contribute to improve health and save lives thanks to accurate, up to date, medical information on patients.

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