Did SAMCRO save Harley Davidson?

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Sons Of Anarchy – Great Product Placement Bad Stereotypes

There is little doubt that the FX TV Series Sons Of Anarchy has been responsible for the recent success or in their words the “Salvation” of Harley Davidson. The Milwaukee based company was all but defunct in 1990s. The show has helped Harley Davidson (HOG) stock rise from lows of just $10 in 2009 to it now high of $70, spawning a new era for the company that had struggled for years to break free of the image that almost crippled the company.

CHP to return to Harley Davidson

The CHP have recently announced that they will be replace their BMW ($BAMXY) in favor of Harley’s for their motorcycle patrols and a recent blessing by Pope Francis himself has brought the Harley image back from the days of “Rebel without a Cause”, Hells Angels and the one-percenters..

Hollywood Stereotypes still the same !

Sons of Anarchy was introduced to me by various friends based on their logic that I would enjoy the show: “Its right up your alley, its got loads of Irish stuff in it and they all ride motorcycles.” I found the show on Netflix and decided to be open minded. My mind can only stretch so far.

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The show consists of the Stereotype one percent biker club SAMCRO with chapters in various states and also with ties to “The Irish”, a branch of the IRA. It’s either the “Quiet Man” or “The troubles” for the Irish culture in Hollywoood. The Chinese Triads are also there along with the Mayans MC.

Jax Teller has some serious Daddy issues, but nonetheless a leader of this band of badly put together “Brotherhood.” If you were to play a shot game with how many time the term “The Irish “ - a reference to the Real IRA - are mentioned there is little doubt that you would be falling off your seat by the second commercial break. This would be a bad thing as you would miss the new line of Harley Davidson models. Happy faces of middle-class American couples riding though scenic terrain. Helmets, gloves, jackets and boots all on display, to entice the curious to “Live to Ride : Ride to Live” .

Politically Corrrect Anarchy

The one highly flawed place is that each time Jax and his gang head to blow up an enemy, shoot up a drug house or just generally cause anarchy they place their helmets on before they ride off to their destination. These hard riding, hard living rebels take safety as a main concern, run ins with the Interpol, DEA and local Sherriff are nothing, “Let’s all Ride safe”. Their new shiny custom Harleys ready to ride. Anarchists that obey the rules of the road.

So who can afford the price of new Harley line of motorcycles ?

People with jobs, good jobs, hard working individuals that are far from the culture that many perceive. My friends in the Midwest get a few months of the year to truly enjoy the freedom before the fall weather starts to impact the pleasure of a Weekend ride in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana.

True, it’s just a show, entertainment and nothing to be taken serious, with the constant violence and double crossing deals, and shock revelations that are now almost predictable. Harley Davidson merchandise is itself expensive, $40 – $90 for a T-shirt, boots, and jackets are geared to an audience who can afford a $500 leather jacket.

Motorcyclists are wearing flip flops on their custom dressers with starbucks coffee in the cupholder and an iPod playing their favorite tunes. They are a broader cross-section than you may realize, MCs organize charity runs for veterans medical causes, toys for tots, and donate to good causes.

To the lawyers, the doctors, the mechanics, the carpenters, and all who ride. Be safe this season.

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