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I have opinions, I always have them, Sometimes I like to share them with the world. I found this site and thought I could discuss things that are sometimes relevant. Hoping to find new friends on here and keep a lively discussion going.
Today, Email Pumps and Dumps are on my mind I think of the crafty, sleazy guys that are behind the well crafted and very carefully written pumps from stock promoters who have a stake in the phony
Today the Founders of Go Pro (GPRO) , husband and wife team Nicholas and Jill Woodman, have used a loophole to sell 5.8 million shares and donated the money to charity. They are using the
With the recent issues within the NFL and of course the NBA controversy with the Clippers being sold, Sports and Sponsorship is on my mind. Budweiser ($BUD) released a statement today referring
Apple and U2 At the Apple Event on September 9th,  U2 released their new album “Songs of Innocence” free on i-tunes. The band was paid $100 million by Apple for this. It
Has Mickey Mouse become unhinged?  At 86 yrs old the playful rodent is getting grumpy and downright petty in his old age. Disney (DIS)  is trying to sue Deadmau5 for using a logo that
"uberFresh" Delivery in Santa Monica Well Santa Monica, today, Tuesday August 26th thru Friday September 5th, Uber services will add “uberFresh” a food delivery
Robin Williams suicide was a tragic loss to his family, friends and the world of entertainment, but there are reports that he was diagnose with Parkinsons and obviously he was fighting addictions
Think twice about this Body by Vi Healthy choice for weight loss, diet and prosperity. The Newest Press Release from Blyth Inc. (BTH) “Former Miss America Teresa Scanlan Wins Weight Battle
On Thursday June 14th the most watched worldwide sporting event with begin in Brazil. The 2014 World Cup will be watched on more TVs, streamed to more computers, tablets, and phones than any other
Selling Salvation one Book at a Time First there was loaves and fish that fed 5,000, a free event and meal presented by Jesus Christ. Times have changed, we now have Megachurches with 3,000 -