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The fastest hiking cycle in 50 years is coming to an end. Why history suggests stocks will rise in 2023. Where I’m placing my bets for the highest returns.


The markets that benefit from a falling U.S. dollar and why the current dollar decline poses a threat to markets across all asset classes.
What a lot of investors are waiting for, I believe, is a sign that business travel has fully bounced back. Leisure travel has safely returned to 2019 levels, whereas business travel continues to trail.
Long-time fans will notice a new inclusion to this year’s table: lithium — an increasingly important and sought-after material used in the production of batteries — topped the list of best performing commodities for the second year in a row. Lithium may not be a household-name metal like gold and copper, but that’s changing fast.
Markets tend to be most volatile when unexpected events occur. In 2022, the surprises were bearish. In 2023, the odds favor bullish surprises.