Amyris Inc. (AMRS): A Future Behemoth making Molecules

Stephen L Kanaval  |

Amyris Inc. (AMRS) is an innovator in bio-manufacturing. The company is creating products that few other companies can match. AMRS started out looking to create microbes to fight malaria. Then, they created factories to produce fuel. Lastly, the company stumbled on a high margin winner: manufactured molecules. Those molecules can be used in a variety of sectors from automotive to beauty.

Amyris partners with big name players like Biogen and Johnson & Johnson. The Department of Energy also gave Amyris a multi-million dollar grant for biofuel research. In addition, the Pentagon's Research Bureau, DARPA, gave them a large grant to produce its products more quickly. This is a very important company doing important work. They are being paid well to do what they do. For example, Farnesene, a molecule created by Amyris, can be used in tires and other lubricants. The production of the molecule is already bought and sold past 2020. Amyris aims to do this with 400 molecules over the next few years - create the molecule, let it go commercial and make money off the intellectual property rights.

The company's stock price does not reflect its value. Many analysts consider this company a long-term play even though the company's stock price has doubled over the last three months.

AMRS has partnered with the government of Queensland to build a sustainable hub that will support the area's sugarcane industry. The partnership will create sustainable consumer products and nutraceutical actives. “We’re delighted to working with Queensland to facilitate the creation of what we expect will be a leading Industrial Biotechnology hub supplying growing demand in Southeast Asia,” said John Melo, Amyris President & CEO. “We’re very encouraged at the commitment to innovation and sustainability demonstrated by the Government of Queensland. The sustainability and performance of the local sugarcane industry enables us to make this our second global technology and manufacturing center, beyond our strong base in Brazil. We expect this to be our first large scale implementation of our capital light growth model, where we bring the technology and the end customers and our partners fund and operate the manufacturing. This model enables us to create more opportunities to provide sustainable products for a better planet.”

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