6 Weeks Remain to Determine 2015 Benchmarks

Steve Kanaval  |

Portfolio Managers have six weeks left before they figure how much they will get paid for the work they did in 2015. For many, this last six weeks could determine if they keep or lose some of their accounts.  This toggles the asset under management mix, and always has far greater impact than they want to admit.

Markets are currently flat for the year, so it will shake out like this: anyone who’s up five to seven percent will keep the money, anyone flat after fees will lose the money.  Flat years make it difficult to hide...it is easier when the Index is up 30% and you are up 22% (actual 8% underperformance versus the bench mark), you wind up keeping some clients you normally would not keep.  Down years are different…everyone gets fired.

So, onboard we jump into the last six weeks, and keep in mind eight of the last 11 days of the year are holiday or weekend, so really you have one month – or about 22 trading days. This will make for some interesting "runs to the finish line" for many companies and market caps. I always love the end of the year.  There are so many cool stories detailing why, but really, stocks should be about 2016. I always keep an eye on the indexes as we head into yearend.

Some stocks to watch as we head into yearend and the start of 2016 are:

  • Amira Nature Foods Limited (ANFI) : These guys got punished by the shorts and are getting squeezed as we head into yearend, plus I think this is actually a 412 stock in disguise.

  • Viridian Cannabis Index: 2016 will be a huge year for these stocks.

  • Primo Water Corporation (PRMW) : Water stock we have been following since $4 trading $9 and still has legs.  This was our Beverage Sector pick.

  • Rewalk Roboitcs Ltd ($RWLK): A really cool story – Go check this out!  It is about the robotic exoskeletons that allow paraplegic individuals to walk again.

We have no positions in any stocks mentioned here nor have we been paid by the companies.


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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
ANFI Amira Nature Foods Ltd 0.41 -0.05 -10.99 144,746 Trade
PRMW Primo Water Corporation 14.50 0.47 3.35 237,741 Trade
RWLK ReWalk Robotics Ltd 0.21 -0.01 -6.78 2,861,750 Trade


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