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The Largest Producers of Crude Oil: 1965 to 2017

Visual Capitalist | |

Animation shows how the oil landscape has changed, in terms of production by country, in less than a minute of time.

Why Are Oil Prices Rising and Should Investors Be Worried? | |

Brent crude oil prices have risen by 34% in 2019, and U.S. orientated West Texas Intermediate is up 39%.

3 Things Driving Oil Prices Right Now

Frank Holmes | |

US crude inventories climb while Iran sanctions kick in.

Warren Buffett Just Dropkicked the Resource Sector

Marin Katusa | |

Berkshire's $10 billion commitment to Occidental Petroleum will drive cost of capital higher for the sector.

Interview With Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation

Silvia Davi | |

An advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion, Claudia's mission is to use her voice to build bridges and remind us that we are all part of the same human family.

Our April 21~24 Gold Call Is Here

Chris Vermeulen | |

Gold is setting up and this article outlines how the write previously indicated it.

Odd Correlation Between Oil and the Dollar

Ivan Martchev | |

It used to be said that a strong dollar meant weaker oil prices and vice versa, but a lot has changed in that relationship in the last year

Vote for the Earth

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

It should be considered every day, but today is in fact Earth Day.

Beyoncé Drops Surprise New Album

Associated Press | |

Beyoncé drops another surprise by releasing a soundtrack to her Netflix documentary "Homecoming."

Tiger Woods Comes From Two Strokes Back to Win 5th Masters and 15th Major

Equities Staff | |

First major since the 2008 US. Open, capping a remarkable recovery from debilitating injuries and self-inflicted wounds.


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