Crude Oil Should Breakdown to $51 Early This Week

Chris Vermeulen | |

...predictive modeling system is predicting that Crude Oil will break recent support levels near $55...

Silver Price Target during the Next Bull Market

Chris Vermeulen | |

Historically, when the Gold vs. Silver ratio reaches an extreme level, and precious metals begin to rally, a reversion within the ratio takes place...

Black Hole In Global Banking Is Being Exposed

Chris Vermeulen | |

...Deutsche Bank has $49 trillion dollars in derivatives exposure, making it the single greatest danger to Europe...

What Could The Next Gold Rally Look Like? Part I

Chris Vermeulen | |

...we believe Gold will rally to levels near or above $1560 and attempt to set up another “Momentum Base” somewhere between $1560 and $1640.

Crude Oil Breaks Down – Target $40

Chris Vermeulen | |

Oil prices may attempt to find very brief support near $55.25...

Gold and US Stock Election and Decade Cycles

Chris Vermeulen | |

There are several very intriguing things unfolding right now which are interconnected in ways you may not have known.

Double Top In Transportation and Metals Breakout Are Key Topping Signals

Chris Vermeulen | |

Our researchers identified this critical Double-Top pattern in the Transportation Index after a very strong price rally...

Financial Crisis Bear Market Is Scary Close

Chris Vermeulen | |

Everyone knows something bad is brewing not just in the USA but globally within the financial systems.

Nasdaq Should Reach 8031 Before Topping

Chris Vermeulen | |

Look for the top in the next 7 to 10 days.

Earnings may surprise the stock market – Watch Out!

Chris Vermeulen | |

...US stocks, after recently breaching key psychological price levels are poised to set up a sideways Pennant price pattern...


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