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Featured Stocks in September’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

Featured Stocks in September’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

David Trainer | |

See two of the featured stocks from this month’s model portfolios.

US Indexes Continue To Rally Within A Defined Range

Chris Vermeulen | |

...This move by the EU pushed banks and the finance sector higher while the US stock market stalled near the end of the week.

GBP/USD: UK-EU Negotiations Eyed, Looking for Another Rally

FXStreet | |

GBP/USD has been retreating from the highs ahead of further EU-UK talks. Uncertainty about the government's intention to obey the new law weighs.

Trading Natural Gas as the Season Changes

Andy Hecht | |

Natural gas is a market that offers seasonal volatility, and now is the time to put the energy commodity on your trading radar.

These 3 Tech Giants Will Crash in the Next Downturn

Robert Ross | |

And I have three alternatives to suggest.

Quant Quake 2.0 and QE Infinity Unnerving Investors?

Leo Kolivakis | |

As momentum stocks suffer a sharp sell-off, value names are back in play.

These Fundamental Indicators Point to an Early 2020 Downturn

Harry Dent | |

Beyond shrinking long-term bond yields, there are more fundamental indicators that are pointing to a market top ahead.

How I Know If I Am Wrong About the Equity Market

Avi Gilburt | |

Our higher probability expectation remains for the S&P 500 to drop down towards the 2600-2700 region over the coming months before the next leg of the bull run completes.

Buy the Dip on This High-Quality Company

David Trainer | |

Investors are worried about a potential dip in earnings next year while ignoring positive long-term trends.

Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Elliott Management and Growth Strategy

Jeff Kagan | |

Elliott Management says they want AT&T to focus on the investor. Is that the right strategy? The best strategy focuses on the worker, then customer. That is what will reward the investor.


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