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The failure to get its American Health Care Act to replace Obama care passed has negatively impacted investor sentiment.

Investing Strategies

First real test of support since the election...

Investing Strategies

A correction could help dividend yield, but don't hold your breath...


The EU accuses UK of "blackmail". Pot, meet kettle.


Volatility promises to have a substantial impact on Europe’s future in the near future...

Small/Micro Cap

Mag One Products (MDD) is redefining the magnesium industry via proprietary processing technology and aims to be the…


Chronic pain has been shown to be meaningfully aided by cannabis.


It's not easy to be a woman in charge in the TV biz...


There are a lot of lessons hidden in this Best Picture nominated gem...

Oil & Gas

Ever wondered how far down companies are willing to drill for oil?

Economic Data/News

Americans want two incompatible things: They want their taxes reduced, and they want more benefits.

Economic Data/News

Free market principles may not be enough in this case...


India appears to be the new frontier for the US exports...


Don’t even think about the old “set it and forget it” mindset from the past.

Personal Finance

There are logical and emotional reasons to count on friends to increase each other's wealth.


Over $400 million raised by companies in the cannabis industry year-to-date!

Oil & Gas

The world is destabilizing politically... and it's doing a number on oil prices.


The days of the lone wolf founder may be behind us...

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Company Engages Highly-Regarded Lead Generation Service and Hires the First Two of Four Field Sales Directors, Executing on…

Investing Strategies

Will the high US equity premiums continue into the future?


Of these 16 strategies selected today 10 are Long, bullish in outlook. 6 are Short, bearish in outlook.



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Emerging Growth

AfterMaster Inc

Studio One Media Inc is a diversified media and technology company. It is engaged in the development and commercialization of proprietary, edge audio and video technologies for professional and consumer…

MGX (XMG: CNX) to acquire 75% of Paradox Basin Oil, Gas Leases

MGX Minerals Inc. (XMG: CNX) has entered into a joint operating agreement (the "Agreement") with a private vendor to act as operator and acquire a 75% working interest in certain…

Pressure BioSciences (PBIO) Significantly Expands Marketing and Sales Capabilities

Company Engages Highly-Regarded Lead Generation Service and Hires the First Two of Four Field Sales Directors, Executing on its Plan to Aggressively Enhance Product Sales Capabilities in 2017

Private Markets


The spark hit Jamie when he saw co-workers competing to lose weight. Instead of pizzas and subs, they were eating salads and jogging along the river. Some were sneakily leaving…