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The deal was the product of lengthy discussions among Israel, the UAE and the United States that accelerated recently, White House officials said.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Slovenia on Thursday to make the case for high-speed wireless networks that bar Chinese companies like Huawei.

Thousands of school boards nationwide are tackling a simple but hefty question that has no right or even good answers — do we return to school amid a pandemic?

“There’s a reason [the virus] has hit America worse than any other advanced nation. It’s because of Trump’s failure to take it seriously from the start."


The deal settles settle civil investigations by U.S. regulators and lawsuits from vehicle owners stemming from a long-running probe into software to cheat diesel emissions tests.

Nikola said it would be open to an agreement following a media report in Korea that it had reached out to Hyundai Motor.

The world's largest tourism company secured a second credit line from the German government, adding to a 1.8 billion euro loan in April.

Intel's manufacturing operations have become a concern among investors after the company said last month said that its next-generation chip-making process would be delayed.

Coronavirus — COVID-19

With a coronavirus vaccine still months off, companies are rushing to test what may be the next best thing: drugs that deliver antibodies to fight the virus right away, without…

It took six months for the world to reach 10 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus. It took just over six weeks for that number to double.

The company said it would consider "challenge trials," whereby healthy volunteers would be injected with the coronavirus, if there aren't enough patients for final trials.

Scientists in Russia and other countries sounded an alarm, warning that rushing to offer the vaccine before Phase 3 trials — which normally last for months and involve tens of…

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“June was strong, and we’re encouraged by what we’re seeing so far in Q3. We believe this reflects not only economic optimism for a gradual recovery but also the power…

Net loss from continuing operations was $4.72 billion, or $2.61 per share, in fiscal Q3, while, revenue fell 42% to $11.78 billion.

10 million people have signed up for its new Peacock streaming service since April, but the NBCUniversal TV, film and theme park divisions, as well as its Sky unit in…

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Fractional investing is a new way to democratize investment. And it’s making it possible for smaller players to capitalize on the successes of market monoliths.

Both risk-on and risk-off investments are working side by side in a market that has surprised both retail and institutional investors.

Why did Qualcomm's patent deal with Huawei send its stock soaring? Qualcomm is on a roll with 5G wireless licensing, Wi-Fi 6, Quick Charge 5 and more.

90% of all prescriptions involve generics, medications that no longer hold patent protetection.



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