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Leo Kolivakis |

Insight into the October carnage from several TMT-heavy hedge funds, like Whale Rock, which saw its flagship fund plummet 11% during the month.


A company doesn't need to be as big as Amazon to get a good deal on real estate.


Are the metals markets ending a price correction in unison and preparing for a massive price advance? This…

Life Sciences

Global study to evaluate uproleselan in 380 patients with Relapsed/Refractory AML (Image: GlycoMimetics)


The Consumer Non-cyclicals sector ranks first out of the 11 sectors as detailed in our 4Q18 Sector Ratings…


The news cycle has thrown one bomb at the market after another during the last three years. But…

Small/Micro Cap

Haven't chickens suffered enough? Can't they get a break?

Technical Analysis

​The British Pound has reached stability against the USD after falling last week, but it’s too early to…


Of these 18 strategies selected today 10 are Long, bullish in outlook. 8 are Short, bearish in outlook.


The SEC gave us a nasty November surprise with enforcement actions against two ICO projects. What surprises do…


Vote on which is best wireless network and best smartphone? Help others and help yourself to make the…

Personal Finance

​Here’s the problem with budgets: people often interpret them a little too rigidly.


Paying off debt is a worthy goal, but it shouldn't come at the expense of other goals, particularly…

Technical Analysis

Even billionaires need to start somewhere – and often that’s with a college education. See which colleges produce…


Cook predicted the US would pass new laws targeting technology firms “at some point” to prevent the misuse…

Business Outlook

You can use calendar software and become a better marketer. In this post we'll teach you how!


Which country is the largest importer of oil, and therefore the largest driver of crude oil prices on…


An incredible really/breakout pattern is setting up in the US Stock Market and US Indexes currently that many…


Despite inconclusive evidence, Monsanto will be held accountable for Dewayne Johnson's cancer.


The nearest important level of resistance of the S&P 500 index remains at around 2,750-2,775, marked by the…

Small/Micro Cap

Since SocketMobile's relationship is with the developers, the company is agnostic to sector or industry and can fluidly…



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Emerging Growth

Permanent Techs Inc

Permanent Technologies Inc engages in the design and manufacture of multi-faceted, vibration-proof, self-locking nut and bolt systems for use in the fastener industry in the United States. The Company also…

​Alliance Growers Issues Shares Pursuant To Biocannatech Acquisition Agreement

Alliance Growers Corp. has issued the second tranche of shares pursuant to the acquisition agreement to acquire the licensed producer applicant, BioCannaTech Inc.

​Covering the Cannabis Gamut: Invictus MD Strategies Invests in Retail

Invictus' recent moves (an acquisition and executed on an investment in a promising upstart craft cannabis cultivator) gives the company an even broader footprint in the retail space.