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Coronavirus — COVID-19

Louisiana has confirmed 3,540 cases since March 9 - among the world’s fastest-growing infection rates.

“Our goal is to offer a safe and flexible earnings opportunity to shoppers,” a company statement said.

Answers from several healthcare experts who have been following the pandemic.

The latest update from pulmonologist Roger Seheult, MD, on the coronavirus pandemic.


The retailer has already suspended its quarterly dividend and withdrawn its 2020 sales and profit forecasts.

"That is lightning-fast speed to secure suppliers, learn how the products work, and make space in their manufacturing plant. You can’t get much faster than that."

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that easyJet continues to be well positioned to overcome the challenges of coronavirus.”

J&J and BARDA have committed more than $1 billion of investment to co-fund vaccine research, development, and clinical testing.

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Eric Baldwin and his staff are using their industrial sewing machines to now make cotton masks for caregivers and others.

The dollar has jumped about 7% in the last 15 days, as fears over the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic have sent investors into the greenback.

“All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest and penalties,” Mnuchin said in a Twitter post.

"What’s happening has not happened in our lifetime before. ... What we have is a crisis."

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