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Visual Capitalist |

This cartogram animation shows the cycle of nature’s productivity – which resembles a rhythmic heartbeat over the course of a year.

Technical Analysis

​As the global equities markets continue to find pricing and valuation pressures driving prices lower, a few questions…

Business Outlook

Yes, you can do well financially by doing good socially.

Technical Analysis

Equity investors got whipsawed last week during two rough and volatile sessions, experts had seen worrying signs long…


Tariffs could be costing American households more than most realize.

Fundamental Analysis

The trouble with the classic Ben Graham concept is that gradually the world wised up and those real…

Technical Analysis

Regarding the two dominant fears of 2018, here's why the market's fears may be exaggerated.

Technical Analysis

This week will surely be the most emotional time for the United Kingdom and its currency.


What’s been going on in what feels like a crypto reality TV show? Here’s a fundamental and technical…


We’re inviting Big Brother technology into our homes for our convenience and then pretending we control the data.


If you understood the greater context for the market, then you would understand that whipsaw is to be…

Technical Analysis

Final day in life of 2009 secular bull?


Elixinol Global Limited has posted increasing retail sales thanks to some holiday promotions combined with booking 110% in…

Business Outlook

From a societal perspective confidence is generally very good, but from an individual’s point of view confidence is…

Life Sciences

59% improvement in chronic tennis elbow at 6 months after treatment with recombinant human collagen for soft tissue…

Fundamental Analysis

​So, have you heard the one about the “flattening yield curve?”

Fundamental Analysis

All eyes are following implications of a yield curve inversion. A crucial portion of the curve signals something…

Fundamental Analysis

Real estate and stocks have both bubbled together strongly in similar time frames since 2012. They continue to…

Investing Strategies

Having a small amount of money in investments in ultimately better than not having any money in investments.


The billion-dollar beverage industry will play an important role in the emerging cannabis sector.


​How do bitcoin futures affect the price of bitcoin?



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Crypto World in Review: Taking in the Good with the Bad

A lot happened in the cryptocurrency industry this week.

Emerging Growth

Lexaria Bioscience Corp

Lexaria Bioscience Corp is a food sciences company. It has two distinct consumer product brands: ViPova and Lexaria Energy. It uses patent pending technology to infuse hemp oil ingredients within…

​How DirectView Holdings is Looking to Solve Cannabis' Growing Surveillance Compliance Problem

Skyrocketing sales growth dominates the cannabis narrative, but an under-followed opportunity is the soaring demand for security and video surveillance solutions due to regulatory compliance needs.

DirectView: Security Technology Play in Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

While DirectView provides surveillance and security solutions for a wide range of industries and large corporations, the cannabis market provides a unique high-growth aspect to its business.