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Robinhood is simply day trading for the mobile era, and its design could actually hurt young investors who don’t recognize the risks.

Life Sciences

Unlike western countries, China continues to see rising lung cancer rates (Image: Roche).

Business Outlook

Time is the ultimate killer.

Small/Micro Cap

The DJIA ended the week up 1.6%, while the LD Micro Index trailed, giving up 0.6%.


​Utilities are a practical necessity, but they occupy a massive line on your monthly budget.


As Seneca put it, “Time will discover the truth.”


Trump signed a new law that allows the government to block foreign investments that could put national security…


Arrogance among leaders is a common barrier to effective crisis response, that causes leaders to fail to empathize…

Business Outlook

Millennials are a large demographic group, Traditional marketing strategies.

Technical Analysis

Influencer marketing has been growing in importance to many companies over time. Recently, it has been getting quite…

Fundamental Analysis

In the geological time scale, it’s a blink of an eye. But in the business cycle time scale,…


Energy remains quite unattractive in this market environment. Here's why.

Investing Strategies

Show me an investor that reacts to news, or events, or market swings, by buying or selling, and…


For REIT investos searching for a bionic portfolio that can stand the test of time, here are five…

Wall Street

Looking at the bigger picture, the major indices are just consolidating just below their respective record highs which…


While it's not the worst, this group has been far from the best.


Increased production leading to more accidents -- amid decreasing regulatory oversight.


The positive performance and economic growth of the Asia Pacific region continues to have a positive impact on…


Studies show that moms who work from home are more successful and productive. By setting up a home…

Business Outlook

You're not finished with essays when you graduate from college.

Investing Strategies

Growth stocks are back to trouncing value.



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Emerging Growth

Alliance Growers Corp

Alliance Growers Corp is a Canada based diversified cannabis company. The company is primarily focused on the development of Cannabis Botany Centres in Canada.

​Why Lomiko's Spider Charger™ is the Perfect Outlet for the Smart Home Boom

Lomiko Metals' Spider Charger® is positioned to be a key aspect in the future of IoT and smart home technology.

​How Oxford BioChronometrics Could Be a Pivotal Player to Secure Blockchain ICOs

ICOs have become a multi-billion-dollar market. With that growth comes the need for much more advanced security measures.