Here's What to Do When the Fed Gets Dovish

Here's What to Do When the Fed Gets Dovish

Jared Dillian | |

Rates may be staying near zero for longer.

​Gold and the US Dollar via the Commitments of Traders Report

Andy Waldock | |

The correlation between gold and the US Dollar is broadly negative but far from consistent.

There Are Flocks of Black Swans Circling

Bob Moriarty | |

And no one knows which will land first.

The Embattled Resource Metals Are Now Hitting New Bull Markets

Matt Geiger | |

Metal prices are again on the rise.

How Traders Can Profit From Unsustainable Situations

Andy Waldock | |

Mean reversion evolved.

3 Junior Exploration Companies Poised for a Strong Q4

Gwen Preston | |

Companies using the summer to prepare will enjoy a productive fall.

Why Investors Are Giving Low-Volatility ETFs So Much Love Right Now

Newfound Research | |

Over $13 billion flowed into low-volatility ETFs in the first half of 2016. Of course, success inevitably brings out the critics.

Is Silver Consolidating?

Clive Maund | |

Having hit a target, silver has formed what is believed to be an intermediate top.

​Early End to Recent Cattle Run

Andy Waldock | |

Selling pressure has turned the tide on the short-lived rally.

Is a 7.5% Annualized Return Still Realistic?

Newfound Research | |

The risk landscape for pension funds has changed, but their requirements have not.

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