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Apple Inc

Apple Inc (AAPL)





Apple Inc designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, mobile communication devices, media devices and portable digital music and video players and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions.

Issuer Information

Exchange: NASDAQ
Market Cap: 406,679,065,740
CEO: Timothy D. Cook
Employees: 72800
Issuer Type: CS
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Last Audit: UQ
CIK: 320193
Sector: Technology
Industry: Computer Hardware
Sub-Industry: Computer Systems
NAICS: Electronic Computer Manufacturing (334111)
SIC: 3571
Last earning call url:
Slideshare slide url:

Contact Information

Main phone: +1 408 996-1010
Address: 1 Infinite Loop
Address 2:
State: CA
City / Town: Cupertino
Country: United States
Postal Code: 95014
Fax: +1 408 974-2483


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Test Article 2

Article about (AAPL) and (IBM) .
This (AAPL) article should work, but not really because (IBM) is here.
Google Inc. (GOOG)  has purchased Songza, a Long Island-based streaming music service that uses situational context to generate music playlists. Talks between the two companies have been ongoing for at…


Social Mentions about your company in the last seven days
Scott Smith
28 Jul 14 18:58:13
$AAPL This setup working incredibly well (continuation) Chart(s) previously posted. http://t.co/SrUjApiig2 Also good for historical $STUDY
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:52:03
$AAPL: Apple's Beats Acquisition Gets Approval From The European Commission http://t.co/AuuklRdgir http://t.co/bPDr1gDiN4
Top Breakout Stocks
28 Jul 14 18:51:24
What usually happens after Apple $AAPL breaks out? http://t.co/Hv3DSFBGzZ
Ed Carson
28 Jul 14 18:50:17
Bolting RS Lines Screen: Zillow has soared 27% in 3 sessions amid Trulia takeover buzz/deal http://t.co/JochGMS7GB $Z $TRLA $AAPL $CMG
28 Jul 14 18:50:16
Bolting RS Lines Screen: Zillow has soared 27% in 3 sessions amid Trulia takeover buzz/deal http://t.co/jWLBD8mQDw $Z $TRLA $AAPL $CMG
John L. Bair
28 Jul 14 18:48:02
"@BibeyPost: $AMZN has read $AAPL playbook, hoping to follow it down enterprise path: http://t.co/g6vvwZJIUl" $BBRY $GOOG $MSFT $IBM
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:46:02
$AAPL: Report: Apple to Buy News Radio App Swell for $30M http://t.co/cxrmaCD7eI http://t.co/BlmquoPbE8
Siddhant Chaurasia
28 Jul 14 18:45:10
RT @ValaAfshar: Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy: Twitter Netflix Tesla Uber Dropbox Pandora Airbnb and still have $41 bill…
Seasonal Trader
28 Jul 14 18:44:53
$AAPL long http://t.co/38E9eWgNCh
Joe`s House of Latex
28 Jul 14 18:44:43
RT @ForTraders: With PlayStation network, Sony goes back to the future in search of revival http://t.co/5AAM7OXQYc $AAPL
28 Jul 14 18:43:14
Daily #Scans for #DayTrading #SwingTrading Candidates $AAPL $GOOG $SNDK $SPY http://t.co/FC2H0Ava6A #Doji #Overbought #Oversold #Breakouts
Apple News $AAPL
28 Jul 14 18:39:21
$AAPL Apple drops cross-appeal against Samsung, gives up injunction http://t.co/ZYntYE5IoE @MaximumPenny
Nilay Shah
28 Jul 14 18:38:21
Hilton Books Upgraded Technology http://t.co/kReAxcLjGl no more hotel check-in lines? Amazing. #smartphone $aapl #iphone
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:37:03
$AAPL: Foxconn pulls out the big guns to ensure iPhone 6 production goes perfectly http://t.co/B5yxy8tWux http://t.co/tzvmikf02C
Dr. Eric Wish
28 Jul 14 18:35:53
53rd day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $AAPL near all-time high http://t.co/lJK8E48RUy
28 Jul 14 18:34:28
RT @RSI_Trader: Open Positions: $AAPL Sep 100 calls, and $CMG Aug 680 calls. CMG to 700 and AAPL to 102+ http://t.co/kYe2szlWbA
28 Jul 14 18:33:53
Open Positions: $AAPL Sep 100 calls, and $CMG Aug 680 calls. CMG to 700 and AAPL to 102+ http://t.co/kYe2szlWbA
Hunter Thomas
28 Jul 14 18:32:13
"I would pretty much buy anything from Apple" Jimmy #Kimmel pranks passersby with fake iWatch $AAPL http://t.co/ojJUVzGjsV
Ray Ban
28 Jul 14 18:31:16
The Highest-Paying Jobs At Apple [RANKED] $AAPL #marketing #business #Toronto $GOOG #positionoing http://t.co/bis366QDyp
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:29:03
$AAPL: Apple Continues Prep for Huge iPhone 6 Release http://t.co/5qbULEpMsT http://t.co/dc4BA2WHhl
28 Jul 14 18:28:59
RT @scalpthatstock: July 28 2014 Market Analysis Apple Netflix Facebook Google Bidu Tesla http://t.co/3qRCfp5h2a $AAPL $NFLX $FB $GOOG $BID…
28 Jul 14 18:28:21
Calls for the week $AAPL leaps over $100per share @kevinlove signs with the @cavs
Colin Macleod
28 Jul 14 18:28:18
July 28 2014 Market Analysis Apple Netflix Facebook Google Bidu Tesla http://t.co/3qRCfp5h2a $AAPL $NFLX $FB $GOOG $BIDU $TSLA $SCTY
John K Shaw
28 Jul 14 18:28:02
“@AAPLTrader_: Turning into a stellar day as $AAPL holds above $99!”can we break a 100 on Tuesday?
Ryan Ferguson
28 Jul 14 18:26:34
Still holding $AAPL Oct 96.43 and Sept 95 calls testing old high
28 Jul 14 18:25:43
Stats for last 8 weeks: 41 Wins, 6 Losses Accuracy-87.5% $spy $fb $aapl
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:12:03
$AAPL: You can already preorder a 24-karat-gold iPhone 6 http://t.co/o7jR6LrIEG http://t.co/Rn5ZsEbydq
Max Ganik
28 Jul 14 18:11:34
$AAPL Dividend coming up soon as well, may entice buyers.
Colin Macleod
28 Jul 14 18:11:25
July 28 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: 52-Week High http://t.co/GG08gVA1EO $AAPL $EEM $FDO $EMC $TRLA $VZ $Z $HPQ $ATVI
Wall Street News
28 Jul 14 18:10:49
$AAPL: Apple Inc. (AAPL), Beats Deal Approved by European Commission http://t.co/O7gV2K3tcu
Ian Mausner
28 Jul 14 18:10:12
This Chart Shows The Massive Pricing Problem Facing Apple's iPhone 6 $AAPL http://t.co/W82YGXxFfB
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:09:03
$AAPL: Apple Sliding While Swimming in Oceans of Cash? http://t.co/k14db10glK http://t.co/oyyADoDfhY
Stock Wire
28 Jul 14 18:08:42
Apple Inc. (AAPL), Beats Deal Approved by European Commission $AAPL http://t.co/0RXCyIZkgv
brad franklin
28 Jul 14 18:08:32
This Chart Shows The Massive Pricing Problem Facing Apple's iPhone 6 $AAPL - -interesting http://t.co/hkVadOEKOG
28 Jul 14 18:06:36
With Apple’s Novel Acquisition, A Chance To Reinvent The Book $AAPL http://t.co/5ZTcAnAh1T http://t.co/yYJ8SOLWAz
28 Jul 14 18:02:39
$AAPL Price targets: $110 mid Sept (iPhone event), $120 EOY, $130 after blowout Jan ER
Max Ganik
28 Jul 14 18:02:36
$AAPL I think that premium selling will be crucial in August as there should be a time where AAPL stays in a tight range due to its high RSI
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 18:02:02
$AAPL: Apple Stores to soon open up iPhone sales via AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP ... http://t.co/dcfR1Nc8vy http://t.co/kcSaKprjss
28 Jul 14 18:01:23
$AAPL a bunch of people who had $85 targets have blocked me! LOL. bunch of tools lost all creditability because I called them out
Stock Updates
28 Jul 14 18:01:16
$AAPL: Actavis May Give Buyers Another Chance http://t.co/u2IeYkw8nW http://t.co/g6JZe6xR3o
28 Jul 14 18:01:01
RT @alphatrends: VIDEO http://t.co/zXLuRE9kyr Stock Marrket Technical Analysis for Wk Ending 7/25/14 $SPY $AAPL $CMG $MCD $IWM $XLF $SMH $I…
Max Ganik
28 Jul 14 18:00:56
$AAPL Above Upper Bollinger Band. Looking at past Augusts $AAPL is seasonally very strong. I think a 5% rally for the month is in the cards.
Dame J. E. Marshall
28 Jul 14 17:56:28
$AAPL Going up ;)
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 17:52:02
$AAPL: Apple, Inc. Can't Give Away Its Cash Fast Enough http://t.co/YxCAonXcaA http://t.co/AewKB5fiwf
randall millard
28 Jul 14 17:51:41
RT @RedDogT3: Here's a link to today's video recap and look ahead $spy $qqq $iwm $smh $aapl $bidu $fb $twtr $yelp $lnkd $grpn http://t.co/…
Jason Heltzer
28 Jul 14 17:51:36
Very smart for $aapl to acquire @SwellApp. It's a great product but also brings podcasts from esoterica to accessible to mainstream.
Market Headlines
28 Jul 14 17:50:54
$AAPL: 7 Actions Australia Can Take To Create $109 Billion By 2033 From Tech ... http://t.co/xx2ZbEzjHf
Nick Vitani
28 Jul 14 17:49:27
@JustinPulitzer @lytleAir -just like $AAPL $100, everyone seems to be "waiting" for SPX2000
28 Jul 14 17:47:08
$AAPL - 7 Actions Australia Can Take To Create $109 Billion By 2033 From Tech ... -> http://t.co/Ul8kC5vq4L #stock #stocks #stockaction
Apple Supporter
28 Jul 14 17:46:03
$AAPL: Apple to Buy Radio App Swell for $30 Million http://t.co/hlXkROfJ0C http://t.co/GR1ymLO4Bv

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